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Day 16 of 29

Mr 3 has been invited to the first birthday party of the year. It’s for a new kindy friend that is turning 5. It makes me laugh because he did the same thing when he started at afternoon kindy last year: made friends with the kid that was about to move on to the next stage! Oh well.

The little friend is having a costume party – we’ve been asked to come dressed up as a knight, a wizard, a dragon or a princess. When I asked him what kind of costume he would like, the first response was a vehment “Euw – not a princess!!”. Guess that means my days of idlely wondering if I could actually get away with putting that seriously gorgeous and definitely very girly dress at the shop on him are over. Most definitely.

the choice was narrowed down to a knight or a wizard. Mainly because I am quite confident that I can pull something together easily enough for either of those. While the Mr’s were taken by their dad to teh park to have a bike ride in the rain (that intermittent, heavy drizzle but not amounting to much kind), I took myself off to spotlight. I know, I know. I promise myself again and again I will never set foot inside that store again. But after looking around the local fabric shop and deciding I would not pay $19 for a metre of silver sequins (think “chain mail”) I thought it might be worth teh trip. Well, sure enough: no silver sequins were to be found.

But – I almost fainted: there was a woman there who was actually helpful. I described what I was attempting to do and as there were no silver sequin fabric, could she recommend anything. She knew just the thing and we went on a hunt. It couldn’t be found ANYwhere. Nevermind, I thought, I’ll just grab a silvery other kind of fabric. I continued to hunt for other bits and pieces and my helpful lady returns. “Here you go,” she says. “I found it in the trolley to be put back – and look someone’s mistakenly put a sale sticker on it – make sure it doesn’t fall off.”

Day 16:


Medievel party time

I thought briefly I might have been dreaming all of that. But no, I have a spotlight bag full of fabric.

I still don’t know which costume I will make for the party. I bought something for both. They’ll both end up in the dress-up bin so either will get used in the future. Now I just need a hour or so to make them up. Lucky I have a week left! 😆


9 thoughts on “Day 16 of 29

  1. Wow, what a super helpful sales assistant!! Doesn’t sound like the Spotlight we all know and love (I mean hate). Had to LOL at your “dreaming” comment!!

    The fabric looks amazing and I’m sure Mr 3 will have the best costume there!

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