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Day 15 of 29

I’m so excited. I hosted a Stampin’ Up demonstration the other night for my girlfriend, Keryn. Having got around 7 others to come, when Keryn called at 4.30 to let me know that she’d had a wee setback during the day and it might mean she couldn’t make it, my heart sank. Her hubby had said she could but he would drive her here and back. Well, that could have worked – except we’re not exactly around the corner from each other. Hmmmm… I was thinking: I didn’t relish trying to ring around and cancel at that time of day.

So, I put it to her that I’d been to enough SU demos, and liked the product enough, perhaps her hubby could bring the stuff and I do the demo for her. Scary stuff – I don’t like speaking “in public” generally. But these were mostly friends and it was doing something I quite enjoy. But it was her “business” – what if I stuffed up? Pros and cons. Cons and Pros.

Well, Keryn thought this might be a good solution and so we did it. Boy, is it ever hard work talking and demo-ing and just presenting. Especially on the fly. I was exhausted at the end, but still buzzing. And the next day – still tired… I was in bed just after 9.30! I knew I wasn’t going to get great sales, but I’d hoped I might just squeak in to the first level of the rewards. I didn’t on the night, but I did get two more bookings for her. I must have done OK. Keryn was really lovely and gave me a pleasant surprise on the night by way of thanking me, so I was pretty happy all round.

Then this morning, she calls to say I get to choose a hostess gift after all! Another customer has placed an order and it can be put through my workshop. Taking me to the first level! Now that is a nice surprise!

So, I’m going through the catelogue and making my decisions.

Day 15:



On a completely separate note: Super 14 season is upon us again.


Surely it’s not that time of year again?! I pity the lads playing in the heat that we have at the moment. It seems a little unfair considering Rugby is – or at least used to be – a winter sport! Still, I am looking forward to a good season for my lads. If you can tell me which team it is that I SUPPORT, well I reckon it would be fun to do a random draw of the correct guesses and pop a little something in the mail. Now, for regular readers, that so isn’t going to be that hard to guess – and I reckon the not so subtle clue in the post will also help! 😆 So leave your guess in the comments below and I’ll do a little random draw on Sunday 🙂


11 thoughts on “Day 15 of 29

  1. Aw, hope this works – I am on wireless, sitting on the scorched earth aka a school field in Hamilton – waiting for son’s cricket to start, lol.

    Um …. CRUSADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was easy peasy fellow Canterbury supporter! We are also Waikato supporters! And Otago supporters! LOL, we support anyone who plays Auckland.:)

  2. well done on the stampin up demo/party. Good to see you rewarded for your effort. Um lets see who do you support…..I could be cheeky and say you left out the yellow cos then that would make you a chiefs supporter lol…but alas I know your a canterbury supporter……..I wont type what I call them lol. I am not doing the comp this year, so hard not too after doing it for a good five years but I need to spend less time online. So this is being let go.

  3. Umm, now I wonder….could it be……black…..and……red……Canterbury? But, don’t you live in Wellington? Just kidding…DH grew up in Welly and still supports them.

  4. Well done with the SU demo!! Wow, perhaps you should become a demonstrator??

    You know I already know your team, so I won’t “enter”. LOL.
    Totally agree about rugby season starting WAY too early, it’s crazy!! Summer will be around for several more weeks/months so like you I feel sorry for the guys running around a field for 80 min in this heat.

  5. OK – I’m picking Canterbury too!

    So you are aspiring to Stamping Up demonstrator huh? I think you’d do good. I’m going to a local party next Friday – my first, a kindy mum invited me after seeing my scrap stash when she was here for the recent birthday party. So it would be worth my while to host a party? Especially if my friends bought stuff?

  6. Hmmm even tho I am not a rugby person I am guessing Canterbury LOL _ Well done you for hosting the party, I taught classes at my LSS and it is no small feat talking and demoing etc – you did great !!! YOu should be super proud and I am so glad you got to get a little hostess rewards to yay and the SU stuff is awesome!! What a cool day for you – that is too cool !!

  7. Woohoo – Go the Crusaders. We were at the game tonight and it was awesome. Did you see me waving and cheering in the rain?

    Watched it….saw the diggers… loved the score…wooohoooo!

  8. Go the Crusaders – I guess it’s not really fair if I enter – oh well…

    and the Stampin’ Up! Demo was really good! Don’t get any ideas though 🙂

  9. Hey you … there’s no-one else to support … cos I’m a true red and black girl myself … ROFLMAO …

    Go you on the presenting and demonstrating as well … kewlies. And you got to choose a gift yourself … awesome!

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