Day 14 of 29

This one comes about as a reminder that I may actually have a 3rd son.

It’s OK – he’s part time. And having him here means that at times I have just the one or even none. He’s the third pair of shoes in our house. He’s our neighbour and is Mr 6’s best friend. Do boys have BFFs? If so, I’d pop him in that category.

What I love most about him is that apart from being a generally good kid, he plays equally well with Mr 6 or Mr 3. Like right now he is playing rest time with his soft toy dog and Mr 3 in the Mr’s bedroom.  (While Mr 6 is downstairs chilling in front of the TV). In 10 minutes they are just as likely to all be over at #8 – the three of them playing “James Bond” or “Armies” over there. I love that the boys go between the two homes – almost as if they belonged to both.

Day 14:


 The third one


4 thoughts on “Day 14 of 29

  1. That is so cool that they have a boy next door just the same age!
    I have to ask this because I have seen it around and don’t know whta it stabds for…what does BFF stand for? I don’t get the second F.

    BFF=Best Friends Forever 🙂

  2. We have a couple of extras like that in our little cul-de-sac as well. Its a process of elimination as to which house Aaron will be at when I want him home.

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