Day 13 of 29

Random photo for the day is actually something that I need to kick start me into gear. In fact I usually need to have several of them through the day. Without them, I would probably fail miserably to meet daily liquid intake requirements. I have very little specific requirements when one is being made – the amount of milk added is probably the only thing I have a preference for {pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase not too much! }. I’m not that fussed about herbal teas – but if that’s all you have I may go for it. I’ll drink early gray, lady gray, English breakfast – but really, ordinary gumboot tea suits me best. I drink tea at home and in the homes of others. I will treat myself to a coffee when at a cafe but that’s it. Tea is my poison.

At home I am a little fussier. In terms of the cup it comes in. We have many, many cups to choose from. Most have been acquired as souvenirs of our travels to different places. {I like my souvenirs to be practical and useful.} And I’ve noticed of late that I have 3 cups in particular that I favour over all the others. If those three are out of action for some reason, there is a ranking order for the rest. Now there’s a quirk if ever there was one! So without further ado, meet one of my top 3 cups.

Day 13:


Daily cuppa

PS: thank you for the Anniversary greetings. I’m noticing that for some reason I’m not receiving all comments via an email notification and as such, I’m not getting the opportunity to respond directly. Hopefully that will sort itself out in time – but do know that every comment is being read 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 13 of 29

  1. I must remember this if you come round for a cuppa, we have english brekkie and herbals…no gumboot though…..Loved reading about your cups as well. Great BOM page.

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