Days of our lives…

Or; days 10 and 11 in one post 🙂

I could probably update anyone that was actually interested in the aforementioned daytime drama soap if they so desired… but will avoid the temptation right here and now. Whew, eh?!

Ok, so I got behind in uploading and then discovered I had flat batteries. Darn! Don’t you just love it when that kind of thing happens? I don’t. So, to make this a quick post, here are the catch up pics:

Day 10:


An everyday chore

And Day 11:


Things that mean Mum can actually do some housework

I have to say, I’m really enjoying just snapping stuff. There is no rhyme or reason to most of the pictures being taken – other than I need to take something. It’s proving to be a bit of a snap shot of the everyday. For the rest of you that are taking part in Janine’s challenge, how are you finding it?


3 thoughts on “Days of our lives…

  1. ugh at Days of our lives……..pass on the update. Grrr at the flat batteries I hate that. I seem to take shots of everyday stuff all the time, must be because I have no kids lol.

  2. I’m enjoying ‘snapping’ stuff too. And surprisingly I’m enjoying blogging daily too – it helps to have a photo to talk about. Also enjoying seeing everyone else’s snaps.

  3. Most days I feel that the photos are quite boring as I wander round the house looking for something interesting and other days there will actually be something going on. Its definitely very random and just us!

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