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Day 12 of 29: it’s an anniversary!

Day 12:


Happy Anniversary!

Ok – first here’s the catch to this photo… it’s not one I took. Ilmungo did. I have no idea who he is, but I so love this image, it just captured today’s random shot perfectly. I really, really, REALLY love champagne cocktails too by the way.

Hubby and I had a quick couple of glasses of Lindauer’s finest tonight with dinner in order to celebrate our 8th anniversary. At the end of the year we will have been married 10 years.

Heeheee…. I love dropping that fact and watching the brain cells trying to connect the dots on it. Shame there isn’t a live link to capture all those thought processes for me tonight! 😆 The back story is quite simple: Hubby proposed in ’98 and we began to plan the wedding which we thought would be in 2000. A couple of months later, we found we were going to Belgium for Hubby’s work. Being as Hubby had an EU passport, it made life a lot simpler if I were his spouse – as opposed to mere girlfriend. GF status isn’t recognised (and fiance = GF status for these purposes in immigration status…) and it would mean that I would have had to come and go every three months to satisfy immigration. So, we decided to do a “paperwork-only” marriage prior to leaving and still go for the wedding we wanted.

The Marriage was fun: we had a couple over for dinner and the plan was to have the celebrant knock at the door and marry us just like that. The couple twigged something was up so it ended up being a little more organised than that. But not too much more! Afterall, I really, really wanted my dress!! 😆

Then in 2000, we flew back and had the best wedding day ever. Just everything was perfect about the day. The food, the friends and family. Seriously international too: I had one bridesmaid from Ft Lauderdale, the other from Melbourne and me swanning in from Belgium! I ordered the bridesmaid dresses on the internet – and luckily the Ft. Lauderdale BM was able to do a reality check on the dress first. Lots of fun!

Can you tell we had a great day and I loved every minute of it??! 😆

Fast forward to today: I had a busy day (actually managed to sort out another room!), hubby has band practice, kids are tired-cranky. It’s good to mark the occasion with the bubbly. Or two. 😉


9 thoughts on “Day 12 of 29: it’s an anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both. Now my brain was not working overtime on the link because of our chat the other day lol. So I guess you could say I cheated lol. Glad you enjoyed the bubbles.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Oh yes the cogs were turning, I couldn’t figure that one out without the explanation, LOL. But you are lucky you get to celebrate twice every year, how cool is that!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Kelly!!!!
    As I have already heard your story (in person, even!), I didn’t have to think too hard to know what you were getting at, LOL 😉

  4. Yes, Happy Anniversary!

    LOL, I wandered at first if you do what we do. We celebrate the anniversary of our first date (6 mths after we met), which will be 9 years this year, rather than our wedding anniversary. We finally got married two years ago last month. We did it back to front and had the kids first. Mind you it is second time around for both of us.

    It’s great to have all sorts of anniversaries/special dates to celebrate throughout the year, not just the traditional ones like birthdays etc.

  5. Okay I admit I was looking rather confused LOL – what a cool thing to do tho, good on you 🙂

    Happy anniversay and happy valentines day too 🙂

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