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Funky little me!


My galpal Widdleshamrock tagged me with my very first ever award. Apparently I’m a Funky blogger. Who knew?! Think it had more to do with the girly catch up session we had: getting our nails done together at the mall. Lots of fun! Conserative little me went quite neutral… I get distracted by bright colour on my fingers and usually end up breaking a nail faster than ever in the attempts to do the exact opposite. Shamrock on the other hand went with it and left with some seriously hot red nails.  I don’t usually get my fingers done: it was my first ever real manicure. What a treat.

And seeing this is a tag, I’m going to pass this award on to Beverley… simply because she has spilled the beans on the seriously fun stuff she did for her Miss turned 4’s party. In just two days. I’m in awe. Seriously!

And I see that I’ve gotten behind in posting the old random pics. Darn it all! I will try and catch up on the posting later today. I forgot that I am doing Parent help at kindy today and in 2 minutes will be heading back there. Rest assured, I’ve done the photo taking – just not the uploading stuff. Who knew that I didn’t actually spend every waking second on the computer?! 


8 thoughts on “Funky little me!

  1. Yes, congrats on the award:)

    Hmm, manicure – never had one of those ever. Well, not one I didn’t do myself. Will add to the “must do at some stage” list (which is getting seriously looooooooong)

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