Too slow!

Gosh darn it! Don’t you just hate it when you finally make your mind up to get something while it’s on sale, and it’s sold out!! It serves me right: I’m quite the ditherer on these things at times. Trouble is, I try to work out what it I really need want, whittle it down to the items that are really, really needed desired and then wait a day. Just to make sure. In fact wait until the last day of the sale. Sit down to make the order: only to find the absolute essential item has been snapped up.

You would think I would hand over the Queen of Procrastination title I bestowed upon myself before now? I’m beginning to think that it is a life long title. Darn it all. 😆


2 thoughts on “Too slow!

  1. Aww, hubby and I recently read this book called “Not Buying It – My Year Without Shopping” by Judith Levine. It was a great read. She is an award winning journalist. We got it out of the public library, but I have seen it in Whitcoulls etc. It would make ya feel better 🙂

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