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Day 7 is a Di Hickman sketch

… ‘cos I sorta forgot to actually take a specific random shot. And that could be considered random, right?!

I forgot because I was having way too much fun. Shhhh. Don’t say that too loud though, ok?

First, it was First Day of School time. After dropping Mr 3 off to Kindy, Mr 6 and I wandered up to the school. We were there in plenty of time and it was so funny to see the older kids lined up eagerly in their rows a good 20 minutes before they needed to be. Keen or what? At 10 to 9 the bell goes; a little earlier than usual so that the sorting assembly can begin. We are introduced to the teachers again, and told of some minor changes that are taking place. I guess to accomodate the various age groups as they go through the years. Mr 6 is in a 2/3 composite class and is quite happy to be there. Some of his friends are in the straight year 2 class so that’s a little bit of a bummer for him. However, we were told that some movement could be expected after the first term. Not too sure who will be affected or not, so time will tell on that one. It was a good first day – and Mr 6 was very keen to go back today. All good!

Once all that was out of the way, I caught up with Janine and Beverley. It was fantastic just to chill out in the sun and a lovely cafe I hadn’t been too for years. Bev’s little Jessie is such a cutie pie! And I got a wee bit burned. Naughty me.

Then it was kindy pick up time, a quick lunch at home and a drop off for an afternoon session at preschool. I wasn’t so organised for that as I didn’t actually realise that preschool was restarting this week too. Never mind, we’ll get there!

Then before I knew it, it was time to pick up the Mr’s, get dinner on and watch some telly. I swear the day went by so fast!

As for the card, well, I struggled a little with this sketch. I knew what I wanted to do, but it came out looking pretty messy. So, after the 4th attempt at stitching and it still looking nasty, I stopped and had another idea. Not so thrilled with the finished product as I normally am, but sometimes that happens. Turns out a few of the other sketch girls struggled too. Not that you’d know it – they are pretty gorgeous! I used some of the lovely Heidi Grace papers I picked up a while back. Don’t forget to drop me a line if you use the sketch too – would love to see how you interpret it!

Day Seven:


Feb #1 Card


6 thoughts on “Day 7 is a Di Hickman sketch

  1. Of course your sketch can be called a random shot, love your card.

    Interesting what you say about the classes. All our classes at my boys school are composite classes. They spend 2 years in the junior school, in a Year1/2 class, but different classes each year, so the first year they are the younger kids in that class and then the following year they are the older kids. Then 2 years in the middle school, so year 3/4, and then the same in the seniors, year 5/6.

    I think it’s a great idea, as it give the kids either role models, or a chance to be leaders (depending whether they are the younger or older in the class, YKWIM), plus, it means they are able to work with kids their level as there are more children to group together in relevant groups. Does that all make sense? I hope Mr 6 setttles in well, and enjoys his year.

  2. Lovely card!

    Glad to hear that Mr 6 had such a great day at school!
    I think composite classes are a great idea. With Ethan only having 6 months at school last year, he could have benefitted from a composite Year 1/2 class this year, as his birthday (late May) made him borderline for either staying in Year 1 or going up to Year 2. As it happens, he went up (based on his academic progress) but I think a composite class would have helped the transition. His class from last year was split up majorly because they didn’t have a Year 1/2 class. At least he’s with 3 friends though, and he’s happy.

  3. It was a great day and thanks for the company and the chat.I love your card btw. I have to say I am so pleased you had a “fun day” yesterday (me whispering that last comment).

  4. Glad you enjoyed your day – sure was a busy one. We have composite classes all the way through primary as it is a small school with about 220 kids – have had no problem whatsoever. Do agree with Angela that it is good for those who are older to be role models and also to have a turn at being top of the class when they might not normally be. Great for the self esteem.

  5. Great day by all accounts it sounds. I am gaping mouth at Vicki’s ‘small’ school, 220. Less than 100 in Tobyn’s school. Anyway it sounds like it is all good.
    Sounds like a fun morning with the girls too, Nice!

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