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Day 6 on Waitangi Day

Well yesterday’s cold snap was lovely and short-lived. I don’t mind at all getting a cooler day thrown in for good measure occasionally. Today dawned beautifully blue sky and warm sunshine.

We packed up a picnic and headed to a favourite spot of hubby’s near Paraparaumu. Mr 6 must still be on the tired side as he preferred to hang with me and chill out listening to my MP3 player. I swear he was almost asleep when Hubby and Mr 3 returned from their beach dip.

We’re still not quite through the too-tired-tanty’s yet. I am so over them. Still, a bath and a good night’s sleep will  hopefully help. And then I’ll leave the teachers to deal with the remainder. Mr 6 is such a delight in that, generally, he will be pretty well behaved for any other being on the planet. He reserves, usually, the right to tanty especially for his beloved Mama. I am so over that!  I do think too that a good dose of scheduling and a new teacher to suss out will by and large mean that things will return to normal very soon. I’m ignoring the rumoured 2nd testosterone hit that I have been told can be expected anytime now. If true, I’m in for a double dose this year. I’ll be moving out if they both show up…. spare room anyone??!

But listening to them in the bath together just now, you’d almost be convinced those two Mr’s were the sweetest, craziest, funnest wee tykes on the planet. Love listening to their conversations, and their games. Give it five more minutes however, when it is time to exit the bath, you’ll hear the yells of protest from wherever you are located.

And on to today’s bit of rendomness…. the stationery shop bag. Actually, the only thing in there for school is the coverseal. The rest is mine… well, I suppose I should get around to re-enrolling at some point. 

Day Six:




5 thoughts on “Day 6 on Waitangi Day

  1. Sounds like a lovely day in Paraparaumu. Good luck for the start of school tomorrow.
    So what goodies are in the bag? What are you studying (being that I am new to your bloggy world and not up with the past)

  2. Picnic sounds lovely!

    My kids were an absolute nightmare today. They were awful this morning, but then my parents had them for the afternoon and apparently the boys “tested” them more than normal. Yikes! I KNOW Ethan is VERY ready for school tomorrow!

  3. lol you know you are hanging out to get stuck back into studying lol. See you at 10.00am. Had a wee giggle about moving out if there was a double hit of

  4. Sounds like a good day, hope school went well. Love the shot of stationery – I can’t resist buying the odd notebook or exercise book just in case at this time of year.

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