Welcome Home!

My big boy is back home! So glad to see him. He was Buzzing! Most likely something to do with the coke he asked for on the plane back up from Christchurch…. 🙄

He had such a great time. Really enjoyed his cousins’ company and spending time with Pop and later with Nana. A lot of different experiences: campground life with Pop, playstation time with A at my sister’s, farm animals at Nana’s and some timezone time with my brother. The holiday money that I gave him before leaving is still burning a hole in his wallet: he wasn’t taken anywhere where he could spend up.

He got in late last night and unfortunately got woken up by Mr 3 who was very pleased to see him. So, we’ve been a bit wrecked today: lots of tantrums that come with being overtired. Still, he can’t stop talking about his special holiday – and is making plans for which soft toys will be accomanying him on the next trip!




6 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

  1. Sounds like he had a great time! LOL at getting a coke on the way back! Hmmm, no parents around to tell him “no”, only friendly air hostesses … I wonder if that’s one of the perks of travelling as an unaccompanied minor?! 😉

  2. lol love how he is planing his next trip. I think my neice was like that too. Buzzing and teling everyone what she got up to. Must get her photos developed for her too.I bet he loved being spoilt by the hostess.

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