Day 5 of 29


Yep, that’s a mighty cold cold snap we have here! Have got the heater on (I’m such a softy!) and dug out my slippers. So toasty feet.

Day Five:


Toasty toes


6 thoughts on “Day 5 of 29

  1. OMG Kelly, man I can’t even think of wearing slippers up here at the moment it is too hot even in jandels, I am completely envious !!! Cool as pic you look so laid back hee hee I can just image you lying there taking the pic 🙂 Hope today is warmer for you !

  2. Can’t believe you guys are that cold! Man, it’s still hot here!
    I would like to have some cooler nights, it’s hard to sleep when it’s so hot!

    Your feet look very snug & cosy in your slippers 🙂

  3. I am with you Kelly, I was cold last night too. My photo is kind of along the same lines, too funny. I am NOT ready for the cold just yet, it can go now!Palmy is looking abit warmer today, nice blue sky, what about Wellington?

  4. lol I had my socks on, I threw my ratty slippers out before xmas and have no replacements yet. Mike turned the heater on in te bedroom to take the chill off. I was so cold yesterday. I was ready for the sun today.

  5. Just feeling the chill a wee bit at night and is it my imagination or are the mornings just getting a wee bit darker?

  6. Yes, I have definitely noticed it this week, the mornings are darker longer.

    It is still stinking hot though, 29 degrees today, AGAIN!

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