First time

Gosh this week before the school year starts back has been lovely and quiet for me. I feel like I am on a much needed break!

Mr 6 is in Christchurch, staying with various members of my family. Time to reconnect with the cousins, the aunt and uncle, Pop and Nana. He flew down on his own on Tuesday morning. He had been a little bit nervous in the days leading up to the flight: asking why I couldn’t go with him on the plane. But Hubby and I kept reassuring him that he would be taken care of and to think of all the cussie fun to be had at teh other end. Pretty sure that finalised the deal in his mind! 😆

In the end, Pacific Blue staff were lovely. Very reassuring at check-in and after getting through security, they swiftly checked the boarding details and whisked him away. I had to call out “Bye…!” to him before he disappeared through the gate door. He turned and gave the biggest grin, a quick wave – and a distracted “Bye Mum” in return. he was ready. (Where was my camera??!!!!)

Then my little sis at the other end kindly took some pics for me at the other end:


Quite the seasoned traveller you would think!

And so we are a family of 3 this week and Mr 3 gets to enjoy the attention that an only child might be used to receiving. He’s been so good. Misses Big Brother like mad. But he started morning kindy on Monday. He’s been trying to get that straight in his head. He knows that when you turn 4, you go to morning kindy. But he’s not 4 till March so, what?! The early start into the session is thanks to what is currently happening to the rolls.

But after the first week, he has settled in really well. Missing his buddies that are still behind in afternoon kindy, but hopefully they will be there in good time and new friends are to be made. I’m not quite so sure that I’m used to the difference yet. Afternoon kindy only has 20 on the roll and morning has 40. The noise generated by the families at pick-up time  is massive. The teachers have already circulated a notice requesting some lessening of the chat volume. I for one am hoping the message sinks in!

In the meantime, I’m trying to adapt to having so much apparent time on my hands. I have a feeling it means I will actually need to do some housework. Hmmmmm!


5 thoughts on “First time

  1. Kelly get your priorities straight. I’m sure you meant to type scrapbooking/cardmaking instead of housework.

    Doesn’t Mr 6 look so grown up coming off the plane.

  2. More time for housework…?! That’s what I said to myself when Toby started morning kindy and you know what… I’m saying it now knowing he’s starting school next week and I’m still not sure it is going to happen…. 🙂

  3. Yes, what a brave boy!

    Hi, I am a friend of Widdleshamrock since 1974 and was surfing her blog and found you!

    I have a wee boy starting back at kindy tomorrow (been there since 2.5 years). He will also be 4 in March, the 17th, St Patrick’s Day. This is his first time solo at kindy. As big brother, Master 5, started school Thursday just gone.

    Anyway, hello! I haven’t started a blog yet, maybe one day.

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