Circle Journal # 3: The SBO One

I’m about to embark on my 3rd Circle Journal. Yes, I’m now involved in two concurrently! This one is for Scrapbook Outlet – another forum that I frequent.

This is my own page for my journal. I decided on the theme of “Happiness”. Who doesn’t need more of that? I have to admit to having real trouble pinning down what I wanted people to contribute to. And once having made my mind up, finding the album. I normally pick up a cheap one from the red shed because it is a good size for postage and allows enough room for everyone to get creative. There were none to be found this particular time.

Uh-oh. Thankfully one of the LSSs (ok, that looks weird… but I’m leaving it like that) has decided to have a sale. I got this neat little tool kit that lets me punch my way through chipboard…. so I made my own album this time. And at $20 (that’s with the 50% off) was WAY cheaper than the “Bind-it-all” I have been coveting. Ok, so I make a little lot of noise. Sure works out some aggression though! LOL.

Having sorted out the album, I now needed to actually create the look and feel. Not to mention my own page. So it is with a huge sigh of relief that I noticed Trina has been putting up some really cool sketches lately. So I used this one. Thanks heaps Trina!

So, having had since the beginning of November I think to get this organised, I am pleased to say it will be leaving on the deadline date. Thank goodness. Look out for it some time next week Beverley!

Right…. on to the boys dinner. I knew there was something else I should be doing this very second!


7 thoughts on “Circle Journal # 3: The SBO One

  1. Good on you for doing another and especially having them on the go at the same time. Lots of scrapping going on. Love the theme.

  2. Your album looks so cool! Very professional looking. And your page is awesome. I have yet to join in a circle journal, but seeing what has been going around I hope to join in one soon.

  3. Looking gorgeous – can’t wait to work on it. I’d better a move on with mine if it’s gonna be sent off on time. Love your idea of using a sketch for a cj page – have never thought of doing that before but it’s brilliant!

  4. So tell me more about the wee punchy thing … is it hard work to punch through the chipboard … time consuming … reveal.

    That page is S T U N N I N G – love it.

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