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Yep – this is the finished product. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Both in terms of speed… it literally was just one week from the first snip to the last stich on the binding, and in how nice it looks.

Sorry the photo is not quite what I hoped… it’s so bright here I put it in the shade and probably should have used a filler flash or something. I’m telling you… girl in need of photography lessons here!!

Ok, back the quilt. I took a year long course through 2006 and have completed the Queen Sized quilt top I undertook for it. I was mad: everyone else was working on much smaller projects. So it’s taking me a while to do the back for that. Plus I seem to use the time I could be sewing on some other minor (Haha!) obsession of mine. What that all equates to is, this little baby is my first ever finished project! Woohoo! Now, for all you experienced quilters out there, you’ll spot the mistakes a mile off!ย ย  Maybe you could give me some tips on getting the hand quilting nice and even. I limited the hand quilting to the around the tree and the interior shapes. I’m still quite pleased with the end result. OK – I’m sure I’ve said that enough in this post! Ha!!

Anyway, I had so much fun doing this, I thought I might go a bit American on us all. I reckon I might be able to do something for Easter, Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn, halloween…. yep… a wall hanging for all seasons! What do you think??!


9 thoughts on “Quilt

  1. Wow, great job Kelly!! I’m impressed! It looks wonderful and you should be very proud of yourself, because often these projects are ones that get started and then “put aside” many many times! I have a cross-stitch that has been doing that for about 5 years! LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Good on you for finishing it – looks great. My longest ongoing project is a patchwork single bed cover that I started about 20 years ago and just need to do the backing. Other things get in the way – you know how it is!!! LOL.

  3. Hi…..Found your details first….LOL. It was great to bump into you the other day. It would be great to catch up. Please give me a call on 970 8336. Love your blog, lots of interesting things going on. Have a beautiful day Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wowser, that is one very impressive wall hanging my friend … most impressed. Well done you for finishing it and I’m sure it will take pride of place on your wall. Woo hoo … you should be proud of yourself.

  5. Woohoo, Kelly! This is soooooo cute! Man, I have always wanted to finish something like this. I have cut some strips from my daughters’ clothing to make quilts but that’s about as far as it has gotten.

    ‘ve been meaning to e-mail you. I wanted to say thanks for continually reading and posting on my blog. I haven’t been good with everyone’s blogs lately. I hope to get better once we are settled back up north. Also thanks for the welcome home card. My IL’s thought it was a birthday card so they held it back until then lol. It was nice receiving it and especially knowing someone cared that I came back lol and even enough to send a card lol. Hugs ๐Ÿ˜‰

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