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Sally’s in town

We only found out that Sally Carrera – yes, of “Cars” fame – was in town. A quick 2 day stopover in her tour around the country. We had until 4 pm today to pop in and say hi.

Sally happens to be Mr 3’s favourite character from the movie, while Mr 6 prefers Lightning McQueen himself. Trying to explain that it would only be Sally there because she is a Porsche – and McQueen is… well… red – was interesting. Thankfully, by the time we pulled up outside the Porsche dealership, Mr 6 was suitably interested. That might be due to the fact we’d picked up the C-man on the way into the city and HE was definitely keen. Phew!

We owe a thanks to our friend Brian who happened to mention it to us this morning – and meant we could do something this afternoon. While the rest of the country is basking in glorious sunshine, we’ve got the joys of warm, muggy, cloudy, and drizzly days. Not overly inspired to do a run to the park and play in those conditions. I know: I’m a hopeless case!

Can you see that Little Bear got in on the action as well? He liked the place so much, he almost ended up as an employee there. Luckily, we realised that he had remained behind and were able to persuade him to return home with us and thereby ensuring no labour laws were broken. Phew! Definitely a close call!

I did have a wee chuckle with a friend who also happened to show up while we were there… I bet it’s the first time that the dealership has had that many children and mothers set foot inside since it was built! Not too many salesmen lurking either…. I wonder why?! 😆


3 thoughts on “Sally’s in town

  1. How cool?! Almost like Disney World!

    I wonder if the salesmen were okay with the whole deal or if they were a bit annoyed that somebody else was getting all the attention?! LOL 😀

  2. The salesmen probably realized they weren’t going to make many sales that day and that it was more a stunt for the kids. But what a great way to get parents in to look at some of the cars at the same time. It may definitely influence where they go the next time they are ready to purchase a car. This kind of sneaky ploy doesn’t bother me much because it is fun and causes no harm to anyone. The children are adorable, btw!

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