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Death at a Funeral

I had no plans to see Death at a Funeral – it just didn’t strike me as my kind of movie. Despite having Matthew Macfadyen in it. However, a girlfriend decided it was the movie we should see last night.

Having left the hubbies with the children, we took off to get a chocolate fix before the movie. It might have been the result of that chocolate fix, but I don’t think I have laughed so much or so loudly in a movie theatre for a very long time! Definitely a lot of that low-key, farcical brit humour. There was one scene in particular which I could almost “smell” the goings on…. if you see the movie you will know what I’m on about…… if you don’t well, let’s just say I have no intention of making you spit your coffee all over your keyboard!

I don’t think I liked Matthew in the straight laced, uptight role…. maybe he was a bit wooden? And despite the hoots of laughter going through the entire audience, I’m still not sure it was my kind of movie. It was, however, a much needed piece of light relief – and did definitely have some seriously hilarious moments. Gotta enjoy something that almost splits your sides, right?

A three-and-a-half-star-from-me-job.


One thought on “Death at a Funeral

  1. You gotta love a girly night out — even if the movie is not 5-star! And besides, Matthew MacFadyen would make any movie worth watching, wouldn’t he?! 😉

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