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Trust these faces?

Of course you would! But then you haven’t heard the scrapping that’s been going on lately. And I don’t mean my kind of scrapping: that involving scissors and glue and paper and photos and nice sentiments and……

No. I mean the variety that has one or other of these sweet little faces yelling and screaming and kicking and crying and running to mama and and and … you get the picture!

I have just been looking through the photos that I took over the holiday period. Do you know, I’m not sure I was there! I mean, there is not ONE single photo of me! Not by design either: I’ve become resigned to the fact that I need to be in photos. So it came as a shock to me to discover in amongst all that christmas joy, I’m not there. Seems I was the only one that picked up the camera on holiday.

Oh: and “Happy Birthday!” to a certain Miss M that turned 5 today…. my “angels” will be around soon to deliver something to you. I promise your mum it won’t be their “lovely” selves!


3 thoughts on “Trust these faces?

  1. My kids are currently doing a bit of “scrapping” themselves. And like yours, not of the cutting & pasting kind. Sigh.

    And I’m the only one who picks up the camera in my house as well. I have to ASK DH to take photos so that there are any of me!!

  2. I’m like Hannah – have made a point now of asking to DH to take a photo of me when we have the camera otherwise I would not be in any either. Its proof that I exist!!!

  3. I would far sooner be the one behind the camera than having my photo taken. But with having family over here, I’ve had my fair share of pics taken of late and some.

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