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Welcome Cooldown

It’s raining here today. And I can’t believe I’m actually even thinking it – but I am! I’m actually glad for it today! It’s been so hot of late…. while we were away in the Coromandel we got fantastic hot, sunny weather all week and missed the previous stormy weather event down this way. So for us, the sun and the heat was starting to get a bit on the relentless side.

Hubby has also gone back to work today, so me and the Mr’s are definitely in take-it-easy mode. I’ve got plans to get to Spotlight at some point…. I’ve started on a small quilting project and I need some buttons and bits to finish it.

I started the project as I couldn’t stand the fact that I just wasn’t creating anything at the moment. I am wanting to get into some scrapping projects but whether it’s a block or just lack of ….something!… I don’t know. So I thought I would turn my attention to something else crafty in the hopes of kick starting the mojo.  It’s come together so very quickly I am thrilled with it. It was a kit I picked up from a quilting shop in Toowoomba when I was there last year. It’s a christmas wall-hanging – I probably thought at the time I would do it in time before 07’s Christmas – and then promptly forgot about it when I got it unpacked and put away after the trip. I was so pleased to discover it again on Friday night – along with some of the fat quarters I bought at the same time because they were cute. Turns out they are perfect for the kit itself! I’m now two thirds of the way finished the quilt top – and it’s all been hand stitched so far! I know!!!! I never would have thought I would have gotten the bug for hand applique so much. It’s been perfect for doing something while watching summertime TV in the evenings.  I have discovered though that I will need to pick up a thimble: I have one quite sore finger tip now from pushing the needle! 😆

The project has been so quick and much easier than I was anticipating that I had the thought it might a good gift for the right couple of people. So who knows, I might be doing a few more of these over the next few weeks!


One thought on “Welcome Cooldown

  1. I think some rain might be in order here soon as well … but not because I don’t like the heat — our water tank will be getting pretty low after no rain for almost 2 weeks!!

    Can’t wait to see your finished quilt! You’re so versatile … I pretty much only do scrapbooking, card-making and cross-stitch! Can’t sew at all, can’t remember how to knit, doubt I could do quilting any justice at all! LOL.

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