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Life in Summer

This is how we spent most of our Christmas week in the Coromandel. Water was involved as much as possible! The Mr’s loved being in the warm water – we loved the choice of beaches!

On this particular day we had taken the kayak around the eastern side and stopped at Tairua. In so many ways it was our kind of place. Lovely little harbour, great playground on the shore, and a lovely cafe right on the shores. Bliss!

I love the summer time – the heat brings on the laziness that is usually lurking close by anyway! The simple meals, the sheer joy of being in water to cool down, thirst quenching watermelon straight out of the fridge…. it’s all good!

I do laugh at how things have changed since I was the same age as the Mr’s. Where we used to be let out of the car to swim in our knickers – having not been restrained in car seats to begin with! No time was spent smearing ourselves with sunscreen, definitely no rash tops or sun hats. If we were lucky Mum or Dad had remembered to pack a sun umbrealla – more often it was the shade of a tree we’d need to resort to. Sounds so neglectful now doesn’t it??! But we loved the summer even back then.

I have high hopes of 08 being a long and hot one – with plenty of watermelon and lemonade popsicles to see us through. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Life in Summer

  1. LOL Kelly, you are so right about the “good old days” … life really did seem much simpler then! Going to the beach these days is a logistical exercise, even when you live a couple of hundred metres away like we do! But you’re right, the enjoyment of summer is one thing that hasn’t changed!! πŸ™‚

    I hope you’re right about our 2007/2008 summer being long and hot – I love this season so much!

  2. Yeah, I remember those days. We used to travel between Te Aroha and Auckland and would do it at night. We all piled into the back of the station wagon with blankets and pillows and watched the stars as we fell asleep.

    The beauty of innocent childhood days.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. Let’s hope the nice weather continues, we are off to the beach in a weeks time, for a week, so I need it to be nice, otherwise there might be discord between me and my hubby, being stuck inside!

  4. I remember the ‘good old days’ at the beach too. We lived an hour and a half inland but still managed to get there safely without seatbelts for us kids! My Dad was fishing mad though so we often ended up at beaches that were better for fishing than swimming, but we loved going to the beach anyway.

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