Mini Update 00001

Hmmmm …. does that mean I have a 5-fugure amount of updates? Probably not – or maybe I do… Depends on how much of the old Verbal D* I end up with I guess! 😆

Ok, so blah blah – you know I was not feeling great leading up to Christmas. I seriously hate being sick and it was no fun seeing all the Christmas spirit passing by. I LOVE getting into the groove – and really resented that I really did not have the energy to make something special happen for the family this year. Still, I got better and I’m sure there is 1001 people out there with real hard-luck stories so it’s time for me to just suck it up and get on with stuff.

In amongst that nonsense, I got an envelope a couple of days before setting off to the Coromandel. Inside was one page…. with exam results.


I passed both exams!!!!!

Yippppeeeeeee!!!!!!!! does not even come close to expressing the total relief and pleasure that I felt to see the two “PASS” indicators beside each subject.

Turns out the one I was totally convinced I had crashed and burned in, I got a pass slightly better than a mere scrape. Only by a couple of percentage points mind you – but something nicer than merely the 51% I had been hoping for in my wildest dreams.

As for the second paper – the one I thought I had actually done pretty well in – Huh! I didn’t do quite as well as I thought I had. Hmmm on that one. Maybe they did what I wished they could do: take the extra marks off that paper and transfer them to the one I was sure was failed! 😆 BUT it was a pass nonetheless. I’ll take that.

So four from four to date and next year I’ll be doing the last two papers.


3 thoughts on “Mini Update 00001

  1. Woohoo, Kelly!!!!! That is so awesome! Congratulations and well done! I know you were very iffy about one of them, and I remember talking to you about it over coffee. So I’m totally thrilled to hear this news.
    And really, who cares about the actual mark, as long as it’s a pass!! Nobody ever looks at the percentages! 😉

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