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Happy First Blog Birthday!

Some time last December I started a wee blog over on Blogspot. It was a result of finding out a friend was blogging and was part of the Daring Cardmakers Team.. I had to have an ID in order to leave comments. I started it off thinking who on earth is even going to know I’m here?!

Well, since then I’ve posted stuff – both inane and otherwise – for just over a year. And in that year, I’ve joined a couple of forums, and even become part of a card sketch team. But most of all, I’ve made quite a few blogging buddies.

It’s been an amazing journey in virtual land over the past year. One that has allowed me to make – and meet – some very amazing people. I would never have thought some crazy,Β  semi-journal, self-publishing thing would have ended up in very real friendships. I hope to meet a lot more of my blogging buddies in real life – but most of all to enjoy those virtual friendships made already this past year.

Happy First Blog Birthday to me!Β  πŸ˜†


4 thoughts on “Happy First Blog Birthday!

  1. It is amazing isn’t it – who you get to meet online. It’s something I never thought I would do either. Happy blog birthday.

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