Oh It’s Christmas?

Are you sure? Not feeling it just at the moment.

Could be a lot to do with the fact some virus bug has taken me down the best part of this week. There is so much I need to do before we head off on our christmas break. After being in bed for the last 3 days, being up and about today is firstly a good thing. But a little weird too: I’ve discovered being upright is a little unsteadying!

Have a feeling that I’ll be taking it easy over the next couple of days. The fact that there is 1001 things to be done …. oh well, some of them will get done. Some won’t.  I guess in a glass half full kind of way, I’m really glad the bug took me out this week and not next week. I’ve had to rely on some good friends to help me out with the Mr’s – so glad good friends exist!

This morning I headed uphill to Mr 3’s preschool. Realising I was a little dizzy still, I was grateful for the fact we really are only a minute’s drive away. {sorry planet – today I couldn’t have managed our hill without the carbon emissions!} I had completely forgotten  that it was the preschool’s christmas party. Luckily the head teacher reminded me – and said not to worry about bringing a plate as there were already plenty. So I popped back for the 10.15 kick-off. This scrapbooking mum completely has lost the plot: I forgot my camera. Well, actually “forgot” would imply I even thought to bring it in the first place. I didn’t! I got a few photos on a friend’s camera – we’ll see if they are any good.

The adults were ushered into the main church room, and then the kid’s were brought in through the middle to be lined up on stage. Some were gorgeously dressed in festive dress-ups. Then we were treated to a few christmas songs, complete with actions. Now, I am completely hopeless with estimating numbers so if I say there were around 40 kids there might have actually been more – or less. But you get the idea. Theses kid’s are all aged variously between 2 and 5 with the vast majority aged around 3-4. Can you imagine trying to get so many to learn the words and the actions to 4 different songs? Well the lovely teachers more than managed it – the kids performed beautifully! It was so cute to see them all concentrating and singing so well. These weren’t the traditional carols either – so it was really neat to see them performing. And in turn you could see the kids were all so very proud of themselves. Made me so glad that I could get there this morning. Okay, maybe I do feel a little christmassy afterall!


2 thoughts on “Oh It’s Christmas?

  1. Oh Kelly, so sorry to hear you’ve been sick!! I guess if you’re taking it easy you won’t feel like a trip to Te Papa tomorrow?! We are in Wgtn (Tawa, to be precise) and we got here at about 3pm. Bonus to find internet here at the bach we booked!
    I hope you are feeling better soon, it’s not a good time to be so sick, especially when you are going away soon. Hang in there! ((HUGS))

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