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Can someone please throw the pause switch?!

Mine seems to be stuck on fast forward! I swear I’ve blinked and the last couple of weeks have disappeared!

Because we are going away for Christmas this year, I have part of my brain ticking over the things that need to be organised and that we will need to pack. Somehow that has not really connected with the fact that this trip is really only 3 weeks or so away and at some point there is going to have to be a move from planning to taking action. Maybe it’s this glorious weather that is to blame. I think my brain has already taken off on its summer holiday!

Today Mr 3 and I went along to the last music group of the year. It happens to be the very last music group that we will attend because Mr 3 will be starting Morning kindy at the beginning of the new term. This Wednesday morning activity has been a much loved part of our lives for pretty close to 5 years now. Firstly with Mr 6, briefly with both Mr’s and now just Mr 3 and I. It’s things like this that mark the changes in our lives and makes you realise that its not only the days and weeks slipping by far too quickly, but the years as well. I’m still double checking on my fingers to work out how long we have been there because it really doesn’t seem it could be that long. But it is!

Some of Mr 3’s buddies still will be going for a bit longer. And I love the companionship and the lovely coffee (not to mention the totally yummy baking!) so I might just have to pop in every now and again for catchups! Because it was Christmas and because it was officially our last time, Mr 3 wrote his name on some cards and we baked some star shaped shortbread yesterday. Mr 3 handed a card and a package to each of the three women that take it and was so pleased with himself. It was nice to be able to give even a little token of how much we have appreciated this group.


3 thoughts on “Can someone please throw the pause switch?!

  1. I think I’m stuck on Fast Foward too, Kelly!! :-0

    Sad to say goodbye to something that has been a regular fixture, but how sweet that he gave out the cards & goodies and was so proud of himself! I’m sure the memories you have will be treasured always, and now he’ll be able to make new ones at morning Kindy … and will you get a bit more “me” time Kelly?!

  2. Yep me too Kelly!! Have no idea where the time is going at the moment. My niece is currently enjoying Mainly Music and she just loves it… especially the hippopotamus song which just happens to be Aunties favourite too 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll be able to make lots of new memories at kindy next year too!

  3. presses the pause button lol. I have to admit that is why I have been going hard out to get my to do list done so I can relax up to christmas. lol Aww Mr 3 sounded so cute at giving the wee card and pressies to his wee teachers.

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