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Me and 15,000 kids – oh and Beckham!

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Can I just say… My ears are still ringing!

And, I am glad I have boys. Girls are very, VERY loud and shrill!

When did I make these amazing discoveries? While I was at the Westpac stadium today. Although Mr 6 was scheduled to go, I had no such plans. But found out they needed an extra adult person. With Mr 3 safely in preschool for the day I figured the gym and the housework could wait another day, and I volunteered. Bit silly really: I had no jacket or even lunch! Luckily another mum was able to lend me her jacket, and well, I got to eat when I got home.

So our school had 140 kids going – not bad for a school with a total roll of around 200! Although it was a bit nightmarish as other, less well behaved, schools would zip between our nicely organised lines, it was a bit of a laugh. It was amazing too to see 15,000 kids pack out half the stadium. And loud. Did I mention the noise already?! Although it was apparently nothing compared to the noise generated by loyal Phoenix fans… 😯
To be honest, I have no clue what the kids got out of it – they had to sit in their seats for quite some time and then get back on the train at the end of it. Still, you ask every single kid there if they had a good time and “YES!!” was their answer go figure!

As for those loud girls – it was the ones from the fancy, expensive girls schools all swooning and shrilly screaming their lungs out for their man! Yes, I am glad I have boys!

Our leading teacher had us all well organised and we were a well oiled machine as the kids went from bus to train to stadium to seats and all in reverse again. This was the first time I’ve been able to get to a school outing – and it really gave perspective on how hard our teachers work to ensure our kids are safe, get opportunities, and enjoy themselves.

It’s now 10 to 5 – and I want to go to sleep! 😆


3 thoughts on “Me and 15,000 kids – oh and Beckham!

  1. LOL Kelly, I am glad I have boys too!! I was (am?) a girl and I know how loud they can scream, squeal and screech!

    Sounds like a fun trip. I agree, the teachers are SAINTS when you see just how difficult it can be to get a group of children to co-operate. But like you say, they have such amazingly efficient procedures on school trips, it amazes me every time to see how well things run! If only my TWO children would line up and walk nicely like that for me in the supermarket!!

  2. LOL about girls vs boys. You are right. Girls have a shrill squeal that can deafen anyone!

    Sounds like fun though. Go you on stepping in at the last minute.


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