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Idol sneak peek

Oh my goodness! It’s been a while since I last updated. And it’s not as if life has been so interesting …more like stressful and frustrating at times. But hasn’t the weather been great?! Ok – so it’s due to pack up for the rest of the week, but I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be back like this next week.

OK, so amongst the frustrations of a very long and tiring week last week, I had to get a circle journal out. It was meant to have been forwarded on the Monday, but I had made a request to get a photo of a particular person and held out to the last minute. I’m like that – I will hold out till the last second… it’s the procrastinator in me! Not particularly helpful around deadlines and other date driven activities – like…….. ohhhh, Christmas! Well, I got rescued by my lovely friend K who had just the right pic.

So for those of you not privy to my general conversations that probably sounded more than a little stalker-ish, my scrap idol was Cathy Zielske. Actually, truth is I have many: far too many to shake a handful of sticks at. But I picked CZ because … well, Because! I guess too in my mind I had the layout somehow looking CZ-ish and so it made sense. Others on my short list were Ali Edwards (the whole patterned paper thing and the embracing imperfection thing. I am imperfection after all!) plus Stacy Julian who I had the good fortune to enjoy a lecture from the previous weekend.

And I even included a couple of local gals ………. only two – because that was all the room I had left in the journalling block! There are many, many MANY more I could have included too.

Ok – so I need to get on with another couple of crafty deadline items. So, instead I’ll spend a couple of extra moments here with you guys instead. I’m telling ya – I am the Queen of Procrastination!

Hubby played with the brass band in the Santa parade. I hate (as in I will faint… not a good look!) being in a crowd of people on a hot, sunny day. So I get around this by taking the mr’s to the starting point. Normally we see the tail end of the parade leaving, hang around and play for a bit then watch as the whole parade comes back in.

This year my timing was a little off. That was possibly a good thing. The start was delayed for some reason so we got front row spots and saw the entire parade pass by. Hubby was on the back of a truck really close to the head of the parade so at the end we got to meet up quickly and get on out. After getting him to collect parade participant treats like fizzy drink and a hot dog! I noticed too that this year there were a few kids attached to the band members on the back of the truck with the band. Maybe next year the Mr’s can go on the back too – how cool would that be?!

After my assessment at the gym last month I was a little down that the results were not even slightly favourable. So I’ve been working hard on the “rubbish in” side of the equation and ensuring I’m going to the gym at least 3 times a week over the past month. I noticed the “diing” as I checked in today. Not quite ready to be re-assessed just yet so I put it off for another week or so. Then I’m hoping my good work will pay off and I’ll see some of those nasty numbers begin to go downwards. I’ll be happy with even a little bit.

At the last assessment, the instructor mentioned that I had started on my journey at the right time. With a few good changes in diet and the exercising I might reach my self-imposed target within 6-8 months. That doesn’t actually seem that long – if I put in the work now. Still, it would be nice to wake up tomorrow and discover that the excess has just disappeared!

Ok – so now I better go down and fold some washing. Yes – see I can do the domestic duties when I want to!


4 thoughts on “Idol sneak peek

  1. The Circle Journal page sounds cool – I wish I could see it!

    Totally hear you on the gym thing!! The busyness of my life means that I often only get there twice a week, but instead of feeling down about missing a workout, I say “twice is better than none!” and try to carry on. But the “rubbish in” thing is harder … sometimes I feel like I work out at the gym simply to allow myself to eat the bad food I like!! LOL! I have around 6kg to lose and I need to eat healthy AND exercise in order to shift it! Oh well, perhaps I’ll find some new motivation once the busy season has passed!

  2. Yes – I sometimes wish for overnight changes too! Keep it up though – it’s worth it. The sneak peak looks interesting – I actually had trouble deciding on my idol too … there are so many people in the scrapbooking world who inspire me … including you.

  3. I just love, love the sneak peak as well! I admire you for getting into going to the gym, I so wish I was alot more active and hopefully with summer coming and the good weather i might be able to get out more. I am trying a goal of getting out walking 3 times a week…Only managing one at the moment but we will get there!

  4. sounds like you got that one sorted quiet easily Kelly. Ugh at crowds at xmas parade time too sounds to me that the boys would love being on the back of the float with dad. Keep up the good work with the gym and food thing!!

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