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So excited!

I’m off to the opening event of the Stacy Julian Crafting Connection tonight! How cool! I’m only doing tonight’s session because I’ve been allowed to get away with friends quite a lot during the year for weekends of scrapping getaways. I thought that the whole event price tag and another weekend away so close to Christmas might just be pushing my luck! So I reckon a night is a good thing.

I would love to meet Stacy in person – I really admire her style and her philosophy. Cripes – it might even mean I can do the Scrap Idol cj entry that is due out on Monday! Now that would be seriously cool.

Ok, better get on and get those Friday jobs finished cos that will keep everyone happy. I’m so excited …. first time in weeks to really get my teeth into scrapping… and to top it off Meg’s kit arrived this morning. Really – I better get going – can you tell I’m excited??! 😆


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