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Di’s Sketch Nov 14

Here is this week’s sketch for Di’s blog. There are some really great interpretations of the sketch this week.
I used this one the other night – a friend is moving away to Hastings. I got to know L via Mr 6 and her Mr 6 becoming good buddies. It has been so cute watching them becoming friends through kindy and school. If I go a little early, I’ve seen them walking (in that school way of 2×2… so cute!) holding hands. They really enjoy each other’s company. My Mr 6 is pretty upset, but we’ll be staying in touch and Hastings isn’t that far away now is it?!
The girls had a few drinks with L and I had chosen a lovely blown glass koru as a farewell gift. It’s hard being the one to make the decision on behalf of others on what to get on these occasions, but everyone loved it so it was a good call.

And if you are unlike me (i’d say most people are!) and are actually organised or getting that way for Christmas, you might want to take a look at this really neat bow. I make cards for Christmas but my wrapping is normally pretty ordinary. I do try to get nice paper and wrap it nice and neatly, but really – it’s just wrapping right??! But I think I’ll be doing this for a couple of special gifts…. a really nice touch to finish it off with. Of course, then I’ll need the nice tags to go with those too….. 😆


4 thoughts on “Di’s Sketch Nov 14

  1. I’m sure Mr 6 will miss his friend, but that does happen – friends move away. It’s sad, but it sounds like you will keep in touch with the family.

  2. Love your swirly embossy background on the card – I think I might ‘need’ that one. Oh and the Urban Lily papers I found at Spotlight in town. :o)

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