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Fortnightly sketch dare

Finally! I’ve managed to get a layout done for my albums! It seems to have been a long time coming…. but thanks to the fortnightly sketch challenges over at Scrapbook Essentials, I’ve done it.

I bought the green circle paper some time ago and have had trouble working out how to use it – it is pretty strong in real life! The sketch is a circle sketch which I gave myself enough room by using a dinner plate to give me my circle. I then backed it with 12×12 white cardstock so it would go in my album…. don’t know why the scanner wouldn’t play nice and not cut things off but there you go. I also couldn’t help myself and I doodled in one corner.

The Mr’s love baking and if I was more of a baker myself they would probably spend more time in the kitchen than they do. Trouble is, if it is made, I usually end up eating more than I should. Solution: don’t make it more than I need to. Sigh! 😆


4 thoughts on “Fortnightly sketch dare

  1. Love that layout!! It’s awesome, and the green paper rocks!

    I’m just like you – I LOVE to bake but then I eat waaaaay too much. It’s an awful dilemma!

  2. I so know what you mean about the eating part! I baked muffins with Jessi today – talk about a challenging test of patience! They are in the freezer now – so not so much of a temptation. Very nice circle layout – the green paper is cool.

  3. great layout love the shape and colours and awww baking with kids is fun. I would be like you though lol so guess its a good thing I dont have kids.

  4. I love all the circles 🙂 Great ideas using a dinner plate too!!! We have the ‘to bake or not to bake’ debate in our house regularly too 🙂

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