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On Randomness

It’s one of those days. You know the ones. You’re chasing things up, trying to remember other things and just busy busy busy.

  • I went out with one of my neighbours last night – to Housie. Truly!! I had a laugh and a half! I had mentioned that I loved jumping in on the round that was going when I visited Nana and Grandad at their place last week and how I loved to go to the working men’s club with my mum way back when. Then my neighbour heard an ad on the radio for housie night at a local RSA. “We should go!” I declared for a laugh. So the following night, we did. I am soooo not the right demographic! I must be the exception that proves the rule. It was a hoot. Cheap night out too. My neighbour got 2 lines while I sat “sweating” on a house so many times it just wasn’t funny. I got “Dib envy” too: because it has just started up again in the last week or so, everyone had nice clear or coloured dibs. Me: I took a container full of craft buttons from my stash!
  • Mr 3 has the petting zoo visiting kindy today. Lots of rabbits, and sheep, and cute little pigs to pat. Can’t get him anywhere near the horse or the alpacca. Nor can I get him to stay with one animal long enough to take a picture!
  • Hubby broke a window over the weekend. Drat is a fairly major understatement I would say – he was pretty cross with himself. It’s a fixed part of the window and we need to replace the hinges on the opening part too. Do you think we can find the hinges we bought a while back for the very job? Do you think I can get hold of the right grade stainless hinge? Anywhere?
  • Day 8 of the Mo-bro … it’s coming in…nicely…. except for the fact that “nicely” is not the word I want to use in this context. You know what I mean??! Photo is due to be taken in the next day or two so we will see some progress. Apparently it is not comfortable playing a brass instrument with a moustache. Fancy.
  • My recent Stampin Up order is stuck in customs apparently. It’s already a week overdue – hopefully tomorrow night it will have shown up. Poor Keryn has had the last 3 boxes I think she said caught up.

And that is it – enjoy your day – however random it is for you.


3 thoughts on “On Randomness

  1. Soooo funny that you went to play Housie!! You old lady, you! Having said that, I rather enjoyed playing Bingo at a crop a few months ago. We had a few games every hour or so. Quite addictive!

    What grade hinge do you need? My hubby is an aluminium joiner so he may be able to source something if you can’t get it. If we lived closer, he would replace your glass and fix the hinge for you!

  2. oh dib envy you say lol too much!! The closest I have come to it is fractions bingo with the kids at school lol. No dib envy there!! ugh at the window!! Oh er at stamps, just think they will be here soon and you can play with them.

  3. ah ha … laughed at the housie. Haven’t been to housie in years, but used to go and have an absolute blast. That brought back a few memories … and sweating on a house … ROFLMAO …

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