Movember: Day 4

Hubby came home from work last week and said “You know it’s Movember, right?!” I groaned! For 14 years I have been able to put my foot down at the mere mention of lingering facial hair. Well that and a bit of the loud forceful tone when needed. But considering I feel free to support a cause of my choosing, I felt it was a bit rich to decide that Prostate Cancer did not need our support.
So welcome to our hairy-dom!

Hubby was quite surprised to see the rules are quite specific on the type of facial hair to be grown in order to be a Movember Mo. The main surprise was that you can grow any shape Mo you like as long as it does not join any other form of facial hair and therefore become part of a goatee, beard or some other arrangement. Hubby would have like the goatee look. We are both adjusting to the new look. I can’t wait until the end of the month!

Part of the point of doing this is to raise funds for Prostate Cancer research. Hubby has joined the official Mo-Bro ranks, so if you would like to sponser his growth or just make a donation, let us know (leave a comment) and we will send you the necessary info.

Movember - Sponsor Me


2 thoughts on “Movember: Day 4

  1. Ha ha! For the last 2 years I have had to put up with facial hair during “Movember” but something I said last year (about Rob looking like a sleazy car salesman or a nasty pimp!) must have convinced him not to do it this year! I was surprised when he shaved on 2 November – I was sure he’d be doing it again. But no, I get to keep my clean-shaven man! I’ll have to choose another worthy person to sponsor this time … and so far I have at least half a dozen friends taking part, so plenty of choice!

    I hope you can manage another 25 days of facial hair, Kelly. I empathise with you. I know how much it curls your toenails to kiss that prickly upper lip. Ugh!!

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