Circle Journal

As usual I was stumped for the largest part of the fortnight in which I need to complete the latest Circle Journal pages. This time it was for Donna who wants us to bring some thoughtful insights into life, growing up and womanhood for her daughters as they embark on their teenage years.

I had all sorts of good ideas – and mostly put them aside as being far too heavy. I’m hoping I got the balance right between good advice and not coming across like the woman in her dotage that I feel like I am these days. (that would be something to do with the lack of sleep because for some reason my brain has decided it’s a good idea to not actually switch off….!) So the upshot is I really don’t know how I feel about these pages but I hope that Donna likes them.

I really haven’t been too inspired to do creative things lately. That’s a bit of a surprise because I was looking forward to getting back into it big time once I had to stop prioritising my time. I do however have to get some cards ready for a christmas card swap this evening so who knows: I might just get the mojo back after being around some other creative types.


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