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About time I caught up!

Well Hi! so, you’re still reading this even though I have not been around too much this month? Thanks!!

So since last week, you’d think I’d be relaxing and unwinding and generally just hanging out? Well think again! I don’t know how it’s happened but I’m almost a week later and I’m not really sure how I got here!

Saturday night saw us take in the Fireworks Fantastic at Trentham. I love fireworks and really love the big public displays. I think it’s much better value – seriously more bang for your buck! (…grrroooooooooooaaan!!) – than the bags you get to take home and do yourself. Nothing like that collective “oooh!” and “Aaaaah!” We had tea at home first then wrapped up warm and took the boys down. In the twilight, they had a go on some overpriced bouncy castles, teh kiddy ferris wheel, we snacked on pop corn and candy floss. Oh, and don’t forget the glo-sitcks for good measure! Then we found our spot in front of the stage where we were entertained by a local band. I think I freaked out Mr 6 my singing along to almost every lyric – so I’m an 80s kid…. sue me!!

At 9.15 it was dark enough and there was a big countdown. It was great hearing the Mr’s count-down as loud as every other person around us. It was great: loved the big sparkly, booming bursts that look like they’re coming down over you.

Then yesterday, I headed on a plane down to Invercargill to see Nana and Grandad. I seriously dislike the propeller planes – ugh my ears! But at a good price, I’d take almost anything. found out the Airport is literally about 5 minutes from their place so it didn’t take me long at all to get there. Nana was in the middle of a housie round – haven’t played that for years so she thought it was a real hoot when I got myself a couple of cards and sat down to finish the rounds with her! Her village friends also thought it was pretty good: our table took out every prize from the minute I sat down! Apparently I can come back any time 😆 After collecting our prize lollies and chippies, we wandered back over the the unit where Grandad had a cuppa waiting for us.

Nana and Grandad don’t get to get out that much on their own now that Grandad has had to give up driving. So we made the most of the little rental I had and whizzed around town getting a few jobs done for them. It was a hoot. Grandad was working out that he has had 24 cars in his lifetime – including a Model T Ford sold to him for 5 pounds and a tank of gas was included. That was his first car…. and it broke down pretty soon after he had it!

While trolling down memory lane, I knew we were close to the old family home and I had memories of the kindy I went to down there. I managed to navigate and find it: Kew Kindy….. The signage and the playground might all be more modern, but the entrance was just how I remembered it 33 years ago. Freaky!!

Speaking of Navigation…. don’t ask my nana to do the job…… 😯

I was a bit sad that I didn’t have more time with them, but it was great to spend the afternoon and evening with them all the same. Lots of stories – and Grandad has done his homework and written out LOTS of them for me. Sleeping on their floor was definitely worthwhile!

Oh! I almost forgot – I won Meg’s RAK the other day and it was here waiting for me when I got home this morning. Lots and lots and lots of very cool ribbon and otherstuff. Thanks Miss Millie for picking my number 🙂  I’ve been very good and sorted through them and put them into the jars already. Can you believe that I still haven’t gotten onto any scrapping yet?! I know! Mojo come back!

Halloween. Do you do it? We don’t normally – not too into the whole thing at all. But our neighbour (mum to one of Mr 6’s best friends) LOVES it. She likes to get into the swing of thing and decorate and party etc. So, we’ll be attending this evening. There will be a few of us from our little street so that will be nice. Mr 6 LOVES the $2 shop puppy stuff so he is in 7th heaven over that. I’m hoping it will be warm enough for Mr 3 to wear the old batman costume or something. Hopefully some good photo ops! Speaking of photos – I downloaded my fireworks from my camera before printing them! Doh!! Hopefully I can transfer the ones back to my memory card in order to take them in to be printed. What a dork 😆


6 thoughts on “About time I caught up!

  1. The fireworks show sounds great. We took the boys to one last year but the fireworks didn’t even start until 10.30! My kids are usually in bed at 7 so it was a very late night! Not sure if we’ll bother this year.

    Can you just put your photos on a CD and get them printed? Those photo kiosks accept CDs as well as memory cards. Another option – I use Fotopost and upload all my pics to their website, then they post them out. Good price, 25 cents for a 6×4. Just a thought!

  2. I think I would have much rather been in your shoes yesterday – while you were visiting your Grandad I was saying goodbye to mine at his funeral! Good on you for taking the opportunity to spend time with them while you can. As for photos – I always take them off my camera card, play round with them in picasa and then put back the ones I want to get printed. Maybe I should try it your way – atleast the photos would get printed then…

  3. You don’t stay still for a moment do you. The fireworks sound like a lovely family experience. So glad you got to spend some time with your grandparents. I know what you mean about visiting Kindy’s. I used to meet my Mum after college at Cami’s kindy, she was picking up my younger brother. Lachy does and Cami will go to the school I went to. I’m sure the classes were I lot bigger then.

  4. sounded like a fab weekend Kelly. Love that you did a quick trip down to see your grandparents!! Have fun with trick and treating.

  5. I’m sure that your flying trip to the Deep South was well worth the trip, spending time with your Nana and Grandad … they would have been absolutly stoked as well. I hope that you brought your camera with you … special memories to scrap.

    Have fun tonight for Halloween.

  6. Beautiful fireworks shot. I love Halloween, I dressed up the pipi princess probably for the final time, although we will see next year. She’s been making some ominous statements about Santa belief of late…

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