What a difference a change in subject matter makes!

Yes, it has to be said that I am feeling pretty good about today’s Business Law paper. Funnily enough, I probably did less work overall on this than I did for the Property paper! But I definitely felt more confident about the material going in, and was pleased to see the structure of the exam was a little more suited perhaps to me. I managed to answer the necessary questions and answer them by and large well I thought. I even managed to get a head start on the drafting section and again, felt that part went well too.

That is all good because that means if necessary I will only need to retake one paper next year and I think I could manage to do3 papers and still complete in the time frame intended. Happy stuff!!

So to celebrate, I called Hubby and met him briefly. Then as he had a meeting across town, I made my way to the Belgian chocolatier and made a couple of small purchases. The mother of Mr 3’s little girlfriend helped me out this morning by letting me drop him off ultra early and take them both to preschool…. so a little something for her. Then a slightly bigger little something for me! I am really looking forward to after bedtime this evening to sample my wares…. Apparently we kiwis have no idea how to savour these little beauties. I was informed by a colleague that all the kiwis she knew buying belgian chocs were wasting our money becuase we ate them like Cadbury’s. And so we might. But they are still yummy!! πŸ˜†

I don’t know what it was, but going in there made me feel all nostalgic for things belgian, so I decided to have lunch at Leuven – the Belgian bar in town. Just seeing all the familiar flemish names made me realise just how much I miss some of my friends back there. I enquired to see if they sold my favourite beer (Rodenbach) – a long shot because it is not a major export. They said they had been selling it, but it wasn’t a big seller so had stopped. Bummer!! I laughed and mentioned that had I known it was being offered, I probably would have managed to make it worthwhile! It’s that nice. The manager was really lovely – told me to check out regional wines and spirits because they sold it. Fantastic!! I think I might have to check that out!

And before picking the Mr’s up from their various care places, I picked up a bottle of Lindaur Fraise and called Hubby to arrange for him to bring home indian.

Yes, tonight I feel like celebrating. That is such a weird combo: strawberry champers, chocs and indian. But it’s all good!

Now……… let me get my hands on that kit that arrived a little earlier this month… ah, yes. Life is Good.

11 thoughts on “What a difference a change in subject matter makes!

  1. well done on the exam Kelly. So was the belgian chocolater the place I told you about???? Isn’t it fab and good on your fro treating yourself today!!!

  2. YAY Kelly, it’s all over!!! So happy that your exam went well and you definitely deserved the sweet treats!!
    When I was at Uni I used to write lists (usually while I was supposed to be studying) of all the things I was going to do after exams! So I can almost feel your excitement – think of all the time you are going to have for scrapbooking, blogging, spending time with your boys! Awesome!

  3. You have me craving both Belgian chocolate and Indian….. I find that to be a perfectly acceptable combination.

    Oh who I am kidding? ANY chocolate would do πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on getting your paper done, that’s a fantastic feeling that deserves celebrating!

  4. Business Law was one of my favourite papers too.
    So pleased it’s all over for you for this year and really pleased that you went out and treated yourself.

  5. Hi

    Duvel USA is the importer of Rodenbach, and if you’ll give us an idea of where you live (city and zip code) I can find the closest retailer for you. “Got to keep your customers satisfied ” (lyric courtesy of Paul Simon.)


    Marketing Guy
    Duvel USA and Brewery Ommegang
    Cooperstown, NY

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