Happy colours

Thank goodness for a long weekend! Well timed I say…. I have had my head buried in notes and texts for most of it. There was a last minute invite for Mr6 to attend a birthday lunch for his favourite step-cousin so we decided to let loose and attend. I’m so glad we did: fabuous weather, and not so windy ( 😯 … I know!)

I am now at the stage where I have done pretty much all the work I think I can do and now it’s just reassurance to keep glancing at the notes and remind myself of things as the hours tick down. And it’s about now those butterflies feel like gigantic elephants stomping around on teh inside. I’m still breathing so that has to be a good sign! 😆

Something I also made time to work on was Beverley’s circle journal (because it was due out today….). I really loved the theme of this one: “Colour Me Happy”. We get to pick a colour and work in that to show how it makes us happy. Now, I know Bev pops on here from time to time so I didn’t want the sneak peek to reveal tooooo much…hence the really low level detailed photo! However, you can see that my happy colour is Blue!

I really enjoyed putting this page together for Beverley’s album – she’s cleverly put her own album pages together herself in a very funky way. Can you see I’m totally coveting it??! I might just have to join a 3rd CJ at some point just to have my own version of it! 😆 Actually that is one of the most fun parts about taking part in the CJ rounds. It’s great to see the themes that people have put together and then to see how others have interpreted that theme.

Actually I like the page so much I’m hoping to find time to adapt it for the current NZ Dares challenge – scrapping a mood. Of course, that will need to be done after 1pm on Friday. I am so looking forward to having a little fun back in my life! 😆


9 thoughts on “Happy colours

  1. Glad you had some time for studying over the long weekend, Kelly. I know what you mean about having done all you can do … there comes a point where you have to stop and just let it all sink in, then wait for the actual exam! All the very best for Friday, I’m sure you’ll be fine (despite the nerves).

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