Getting by

Mr 3 and I went out after music this morning to look for a gift for his little buddy from Kindy. She’s having a party on Saturday and he’s going. I had pretty much decided what I was going to try and find and was very happy to discover the one and only item left. Phew! And there was a discout: Bonus!! While we were hunting it out, Mr 3 kept pulling things off the shelves or the rack and saying very throughtfully… “Hmmmm, maybe this? No! might be this!” Too cute.

Also clearly identifying the fact he comes shopping with me more than once or twice! 😳

I had a lovely package arrive on my doorstep this morning – this month’s kit from Meg. I’m itching to use this one: lots of scrummy Scenic Route papers – totally in love with them at the moment. I was very good though – after having a quick peek to satisfy my cravings for pretty paper, I’ve closed the box and put it aside for now. In 10 days time my exams will be over. Yep – the thing that is keeping me in a mild state of panic these last few weeks will be done and dusted. REALLY looking forward to life from 1pm on the 26th!

I’ve not done any of Di’s sketches the last couple of weeks – yes, I’m really trimming the fun stuff out of my diary for now! – but I think the sketch that is being used this week is really good. She’ll be posting the cards from tonight our time so make sure you go take a peek.

Now, to remember to keep breathing…. 😆


4 thoughts on “Getting by

  1. Yep, I think breathing is a good idea, Kelly! Not long to go now … whether that’s good (you’re all set) or bad (you’re not fully prepared), either way it’s all going to be over in a week or so! And think of all that free time!

    Your Mr 3 sounds like quite the accomplished shopper! LOL 😉

  2. slowly breathe…….hey the end is in sight and you can do it!!! You will get in there and realise you know more than what you thought you did. So that reward of that kit will be worth the wait.

  3. Hi Kelly,

    thanks for the comment on my controversial post 🙂 I don’t expect everyone to agree but it’s nice to get a positive comment.

    Good luck on your upcoming exams and enjoy the feeling at 1 pm on the 26th 🙂

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