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A welcome return of normal-ness

OK – I don’t really think “Normal-ness” is a word – but it does pretty well at describing the state of things around here. I love the routine of school and kindy and pre-school. Until I realise how much I actually try and cram into the spaces in and around those big ticket times. Still, it’s good to be back.

I’ve been good-ish at keeping my nose in by texts and my notes so very little exciting stuff has been happening. To tell the truth, that really is the normal state of affairs around here anyway! Same-old same-old. For the moment that is all good.

But considering I do want to keep my blog operating I thought I might just pop a few things on here that I’ve been itching to voice. For a start – that game. Hands up all of us who put some kind of voo-doo curse on that ref? *waving my hand sheepishly* I do honestly believe the scoreline would have been different – and we may have won had that blimmin’ ref actually had his eyes in that morning. However, that other scoreline may still not have gone in our favour…. Somehow I think it would have been better to have known we were definitely beaten by a better team than to suspect it could have all been different if we weren’t also playing the ref.

I hate the fact that people get really upset after a shock loss like this. Yes, we love our teams to win all the time – but hey – there is usually a 2nd team playing too and they aren’t playing to lose are they? It is a game – that is the whole point of it all. Oh and add into the mix that EVERY team on the planet wants to play and maybe beat the ABs: we are the team to aspire to beat. That motivation surely lifts any team playing us? So where do we get our continued motivation from? Look at the criticism that came when we beat Scotland 40-0. Ummmm – in my book that’s a darn good win in any shape way or form!!

So last night it made me really really pleased to see the crowd in Christurch greeting the team that returned. It seemed like maybe this time we’re a bit more grown up – accepting that the guys did their best and on the day that it just wasn’t good enough. I thought it was a great example for Mr 6 to pick up on – it’s just a game and we tried but didn’t get there. I think they’ve been discussing it at school – there’s a refrain going around the house at the moment: “It’s ok, it is more important to have fun and enjoy playing the game” Maybe our kids will understand that better than some of us in years to come.

And wasn’t it the French team back in the 70’s that beat us too? I vaguely remember getting up to watch a game when I was young with my dad, uncles and grandad. Lots of cheers and yells – and then very, very quiet as the French beat us for the first time. Yup – so that was an early memory for me and now Mr 6 has one of his own! History repeats.

So endeth my fair-play sermon of the day. šŸ˜†

In other truly mundane matters:

  • Mr 3 is so very cool – in 2 weeks he knows what he’s about in the bathroom department. Yep, taking himself off to do what he needs to do now. I seriously cannot believe how quickly he has managed to move to this point.
  • Those ATCs were my Black & White cards done for the September swap at SBO. I’m really loving taking part in these swaps – and the amazing pieces of work everyone puts into these is inspiring. Even Hubby remarks on the lovliness of the received pieces.
  • I’m off for a weekend break to Waikanae with the girls this weekend. I am sooo looking forward to it. Card making and scrapping supplies plus some good company and a bottle or two of vino. Definitely a good break! ANDI’m going to be a good girl and take some revision work up… yes, down time will be used wisely. šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “A welcome return of normal-ness

  1. I was certainly upset about the game, but not as devastated as some people I know who were adamant we were going to win the cup. I had never been *that* certain from the start, I was realistic and knew that we could easily have one bad game. I also worry that the general NZ public attitude towards the loss is a bad one to send our kids. So I made sure my boys watched the welcome at ChCh airport on the TV last night. Had they arrived into Auckland, we would have gone to see them.

    Great news about Mr 3’s toilet training! I am wondering if I should just start being harder on Tyler as perhaps he just needs a good shove!

    Have a great weekend away – sounds awesome!

  2. Have a great weekend Kelly. Thats awesome about mr 3 and the toilet training. I too was pleased to see the turnout in chch and like you I am so pleased people turned out. Loved listening to what Anton Oliver said about it.

  3. I hope your weekend was fantastic. I’m sure it was.
    I too was devastated by the loss, and yea, I blame the ref but in saying that no matter how bad those decissions of his were, if the AB were as good as what the media etc said, we should of won. But we didn’t, we were beaten by a better team on the day, and like I say “that is sport”. Im still gutted though LOL.
    Great news on master 3 in the toileting department. It certainly makes things a whole lot easier.
    I love the atc swaps you’ve made. Just awesome.

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