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End of the holidays

… and we made it!! yay!!

Ok – so we’ve done very little by way of activities. Mainly cos I really wasn’t in the head space to sort that out. With the exams looming fast I’ve been making the most of the down time. Not so fun for the Mr’s and at times it has been trying. But with playdates with the neighbours it has all worked out more or less.

Being around home too means Mr 3 is doing very well becoming a toileteer. Ok, so yes, there are still some accidents but it’s only been 10 days or thereabouts and we’ve come sooo far. I just love how he thinks he is so clever!

Mr 6 has also benefitted from mother’s guilt. Because we haven’t done so much, I caved at the last trip to the mall and let him get a Ben 10 action figure. He just loves it to pieces and to be honest, i would have spent more if we HAD been doing activities!

Despite all of these positives, I AM looking forward to getting back to routine on Monday. Any remaining down time will see my nose firmly stuck in a text book so the routine of school and kindy is going to be very good.

This is the 2nd layout I did last weekend. I love it. I knew the theme I wanted to do and had the photo (very last minute photo shoot on the Friday afternoon!!) but really had no idea of how I wanted to pull it together. It’s a few things out of Meg’s September kit (lovely new Basic Grey Recess papers) plus some other bits from my stash. The idea came once I laid eyes on someone’s layout on display at Kiwiscraps and I love how it let me pull all those strong colours together. I’ve noticed I’m using a lot of these really intense orangey / mustardy colours lately. Loving them to bits.

The star was made as a demonstration on using Opals – I think I might just have to get me some of that! LOVED how I could reheat and remove any mistakes with it. There is a pocket behind the photo into which I will add some journalling. Mr 6 is very gung-ho about things but has a tendency to “give up” if he is too impatient to keep trying. Yes, he is a one-marshmellow lad. All about the instant gratification. Hence the encouragement for perseverance. I seriously doubt me doing a page on it will change that too much – but he loves to find out the “stories” on his pages so who knows… maybe one day the message will get through.

Right – on with dinner thoughts….


6 thoughts on “End of the holidays

  1. I love that layout!! It’s awesome!

    The holidays have been pretty boring here too, mostly because I was still having to work! But we did a few outings and I think Ethan is just glad to get back to school because he loves it, not because he was bored in the holidays. It’s hard to keep kids entertained.

    Sounds like Mr 3 is doing so well with the toilet training, what a star!

  2. liking those colours Kelly. I like the analogy of the marshmellow and it sounds like these stories will be useful. As for study you can ace that test easy peasy!!

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