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Gosh where to begin? I had a great time at Kiwiscraps for the scrapink event on Saturday. A full day’s scrapping – definitely 7th heaven! I couldn’t believe it though: it was an hour and a half before I settled in to complete this layout – and then it took me ages to do! Something to do with a little bit of chit chat and a few make and takes!! 😆 I swear: every time I started to find my groove – there was another demonstration!!

The make and takes were fun – a card using a cuttlebug, lots of fun with Opals (a lovely shiney version of UTEE?), a wee gift bag and some seriously mucky stuff to make your own homemade felt.   Who knew you could have so much fun with detergent and wool?! – thanks Beverley!!

I also did another layout – actually 2 more. The second one was planned in the sense I knew the photo and the theme but had no idea of the look. Luckily for me there were tons of fantastic layouts around the crop area and one was just lovely. I took my inspiration from there and I have to say I was very pleased with the result. You’ll have to wait till I scan that one if you want to see it 🙂

The third was the pink layout for the day. I knew it was going to be too late to enter into the day’s official judging but that was OK. The group that I normally crop with had an unofficial draw – just those of us from our group had our names entered. I was a bit bummed at that because it was assumed that all those entered into the official contest were the only ones. I was finished moments after that second draw was made! Still, it was really nice because a first timer was drawn in that one. And to tell the truth, mine has space for journalling but none added: I still have no idea what I wanted to say!! 😆

My only complaint for the day has nothing to do with the actual event but with dinner. Myself and another lady ordered a particular pizza from the pizza company used at these events. Our experience from last month told us that we needed to specify we wanted the mild option for our choice. We both did that. We both got the complete opposite. I was picking chillies off for Africa! Not nice when I specifically looked to ensure I was getting one with no chillies. Unfortunately, mine was just too hot and although I had a huge pile of chillis picked off, I think the seeds were still spread throughout it. I had to toss mine. 😦

OK – to the none scrapping events going on. Well there’s not much at the moment!! 😆 We’re just chilling out doing stuff around the home – not too exciting. Mr 6 is thrilled because he worked out a couple of things on Arthur’s Camping Adventure (computer game) and managed to complete the tasks. We’ve been working on that for months! ………And I have no idea how he did it!! Mr 3 is doing very well at becoming a Toileteer. Just a couple of little accidents the last couple of days. He just beams at the praise he is getting and is trying so hard. Mr 6 is wondering what all the singing and dancing is about! 😆 It’s great though – he’s supporting his little brother and reminding him throughout the day, singing bits of the Toileteer song (from Bear and the Big Blue House).

Hope you’re all surviving the holidays too – and that the wintery weather isn’t making things too miserable!


3 thoughts on “Scrapink

  1. ewwwww at chilli. what apain about the pizza. Sounds like a fab day Kelly. Whoo hoo Mr 3, sunds like he is well and truly on they way! That’s so awesome to read Kelly.

  2. Sounds like a great day of scrapping! Bummer about the pizza though!

    Glad to hear that Mr 3 is doing so well – this gives me a LOT of hope for my Mr 3!! Well done Kelly – I’m sure it has been a lot of work on your part too.

  3. The layouts looked even better in the flesh this morning. Thanks for a great morning this morning Kelly. Didn’t the boys play nicely together.

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