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What’s on the Box?

Rats! I missed the deadline for this dare!! I went to upload it and the winner had already been drawn. Never mind – I get to record the fact I’m a total TV addict …. the eagle eyed among you will note the journalling mentions that these were SOME of my favourite shows this year. 😳

So tonight, having survived my first week of the hols with the Mr’s, I am packing up for tomorrow. It’s ScrapPink day – I think an international scrapping day dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer. Hey, I might as well have fun while I contribute! 😆 For anyone else partaking in their local event – have lots of fun.

So week 1 of the hols is down. I am knackered! Being a bit under the weather last weekend kind of set me back throughout the week (as it does!) meaning it seemed like we were all trying to play catch-up with little success. Oh well – the weather was great today. Meaning the kids actually got fresh air in their lungs!

And Mr 3’s pants got the chance to dry. Yes Pants …. we are attempting the whole toiletting thing. Again. We’ve had several attempts to no avail and I’ve been quick to wrap each one up as a practice run. With these holidays and not a lot of plans, I thought it was time for another go.

Cute little guy that he is – he’s going to drive his mother bonkers! Day 2 – 7 pairs of wet undies and pants. 0 actual hits so to speak. But this time I’m perservering. So I have like a million little undies and that many pairs of pants again packed. Send good potty vibes our way – I think we’re going to need all the vibes we can get! 🙄


3 thoughts on “What’s on the Box?

  1. Great layout – so glad to see you have Project Runway (did you see the final tonight – wow!), ER and my fave Prison Break on there!! 🙂

    Have fun scrapping tomorrow. We have our Scrap Pink day on Sunday and I’m taking my first class – yikes!

    I’m so with you on the toilet training, although I haven’t started with undies yet. I’m waiting until he actually CARES that he has poo in his nappy instead of happily wearing it for 1/2 hour!!! Ethan was 3 years 4 months before he was ready, and then it only took 5 days. I can only hope Tyler is going to follow suit! :-0
    Good luck to you and Mr 3 … at least we know they WILL get there eventually!

  2. aww drats at missing the deadline. LOve it though. I like numbersand bones too. Sending you good vibes for little mister in your potty training…..

  3. Cami took what I thought was forever to toilet train, however, now that it’s happened I can’t really remember when it was. I hope you’re having/had great fun today at scrap pink you so enjoy it after a week of the holidays. Get in touch next week and we might be able to find a day to come over for a visit.

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