September 25 Sketch

My the weeks are just flying by – I know it seems like that all the time – but don’t you think they are just getting faster and faster??

So this is this week’s card for Di Hickman’s sketch. I really loved this one – I think there is a lot you can do with it. As much as I loved it I left it to the last minute (again!) and was wondering where to start. Luckily for me I had just gathered up the scraps from when I worked on my CJ the other day and Bam! It’s off. …Haha! Had you all there!! {for those that don’t get the TV reference, that was a direct link to probably the MOST annoying ad on tvthat’s probably why you aren’t watching TV}

OK – so I’m losing the plot today. Truly! So – yes, scraps. On today’s little example, I’ve used the Cosmo Cricket patterned paper (I think it was the Gretel range) and Bazzill. Really nothing fancy at all. And then at long last I used my lovely little hostess stamps I got from Stampin’ Up.

That outer circle it’s hand cut. That’s because I have a 1″ punch and as of today a fantastic 1.5″ punch. But guess what I need: you got it… a 1.25″ punch. Heaven help me!! And I’m sorry, as much as I love SU stuff I just think $30 + is a tad bigger than my budget will let me go. So let me know if you know of a cheaper 1.25 ” punch – otherwise it’s a *cutting-I-will-go* {think Count Homogenised…..}

Ok – there’s a van outside to collect me. They’ve even brought a lovely white coat to keep me warm – the arms buckle up at the back……. 😯 😆


2 thoughts on “September 25 Sketch

  1. oh that jacket sounds devine. Have you altered it yet??? I detested “Count H”.
    Love the card and even better when the ingredients are right there on your desktop.

  2. the card is looks just as gorgeous as it did in person the other day. I had a lovely giggle at your jacket. Could be just what you need a long quiet rest, with stamping/scrapping supplies, of course.

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