A new journey starts

With the last Scrapbook Essentials circle journal finishing several weeks ago, a few of us realised we would be a little lost without that 2 weekly deadline coming up. So a new CJ was agreed to – and the first post off was yesterday. This time 11 talented ladies (well, ok 10 plus me… 😆 ) have signed up. I think as this goes over christmas, we’re due to get our own ones back some time in February.
There is a myriad of different themes this time. I chose “Passions / Obsessions” based on the fact that I seem to have become more than a little obsessed with finding time to do some sort of scrapping or cardmaking.
So here is a hint of my pages. You would have seen both of them, except I seem to be technically challenged. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put two photos at once on a photoshop canvas so that I can show them to you. It would help if I had more than 2 minutes to try and understand the instructions before I intend to take the action. It is so very frustrating as I know that PSE can do so much that I want it too – but I haven’t the time just at the moment to sit and figure it all out. That will have to wait until after my exams. In the meantime, I see the Free Trial days ticking by and I’m yet to have really made any use of it at all. C’est la vie!!

Actually, I’ve just realised that photo I took for the pages is more apt than I realised – totally obesessed by the computer and scrapping – it’s more me than I thought!!

In other random news:

  • I’m up and about round the house today after 2 and a bit days of feeling really yuck, So much so I had to ask Hubby to come come and tend to the Mr’s just before lunch yesterday while I cowered in my bed. What a start to the hols!
  • I got stuck into massive organisation mode this morning. Perhaps to make up for the fact the house resembles a tip after three days of boys left to roam freely. I’m not sure anyone else would actually notice my work but filling a wheelie bin with old, hoarded stuff makes me feel very virtuous!
  • A tent and a tunnel in the lounge makes for great indoor play
  • There is only a little less than 4 weeks left for me to revise before my exams. I need at least 4 months. Oh dear!

Well that’s all from me today – not so newsy afterall! Hope your holidays are going well.


6 thoughts on “A new journey starts

  1. Oh Kelly I so know what you mean about exams and not enough study time. I have state finals for my nursing degree 8 weeks from NOW ahhhhhhhhhhh I still have a 6 week placement and a 3000 word assignment to do, plus these school holidays and all the other stuff that mummys do. Good luck with everything you need to get done, you will most definitely achieve them

  2. I wrote a reply but it got eaten in cybah-space! Grr!

    I’m sorry that you aren’t well, I hope you are recovered now. Good luck with the exams, I hope you find some time to study during the hols! Yikes!

    Your CJ is looking great, I really wish I was still taking part in this round, but life just wasn’t going to give me the time 😦 Your topic is fantastic, I bet you’ll be getting some great pages in your album!

  3. Glad you’re feeling better again. I guess my obsession would have to be the computer too as I’m typing this comment after reading your blog on Dave’s work laptop while I’m away in Auckland. Some things you just can’t get away from.

  4. I just love the look of your CJ Kelly and can’t wait to get it in the New Year. I am sorry that you haven’t been well, it totally sucks when you are feeling bad and have heaps to do…..yay that the kids are being inventive in their inside play….

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