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Ar-har me hearties!!

Yes: I too find it amazing who thinks up these things, but I have it on good authority (the 11 year old neighbour) that today is *International Speak Like A Pirate Day*.  Because we all need to take the time to speak like this. .…..Riiiiight…

Moving right along swiftly…. I managed to get the latest sketch for Di done. I do not know how but I have missed the last couple of weeks. The weeks have slipped by too fast and before I knew it, I’d missed the deadlines. 😳  So it’s kind of nice I got this one done. I have to admit, I’m not so sure of the pink glaze pen… it didn’t work so nice with the alpha template. Oh well. And that ribbon needed a bit more of a trim once I saw it online! Funny how you only notice these things when they are staring you back in the face!

I am really excited as I have been trying to sort out some stuff for this weekend. I’m going along to the all day crop being held at Kiwiscraps on Saturday with a bunch of friends. It’s meaning that I need to think ahead and work out what pages / projects I want to do. I mean 10 hours of scrapping: I can’t exactly come home with just a couple of quick pages now can I??! 😆 I think I might actually be able to make a dent in my christmas cards for this year. (Actually, you can read that as *starting* them!!)

Oh: and in other earth shattering news. Well not really, but it was a big deal for Mr 6! We had the tooth fairy come visit on Friday night. Yes, Mr 6’s first wobbly tooth finally came out – well, with a little help. {I was sick of being freaked out by its movement when wiggled!}  I would post a pic but really the ones I have just aren’t nice. I’m going to keep trying for that *flattering* missing first tooth photo. Might need to remember to wash the face first!


2 thoughts on “Ar-har me hearties!!

  1. oh er at the first tooth fairy visit……how exciting. Love ya card and I agree its not till we take the photo and uplaod it we see the things we have missed. I like your card very feminine amd pretty. I think you shoudl walk the plank with that pirate voice lol

  2. I personally really enjoy speaking like a pirate, any day! It’s so much fun! Didn’t know it was the day for it today, bummer, I missed out! 🙂

    Congrats to Mr 6 on losing his tooth! I know what you mean about the gappy smile photo … I tried a few times to get one of Ethan, and ended up making it sepia because I could still see blood and stuff in the colour one! LOL!

    Love the card, and have fun scrapping on Saturday!

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