No pictures today

Because I’ve been too busy looking at everyone else’s creations to actually do any of my own over the weekend!

Hubby’s work put on a family function yesterday – took over the Embassy theatre and screened Surf’s Up. Very cute movie! Don’t think it’s actually out for another few days so somehow this was an advance screening. That sounds cool now doesn’t it? πŸ˜† We all were given leis as we arrived, food aplenty to eat, face painting and a photo with a penguin. Mr 6 had had it with the free food on offer and was trying hard to get me to buy him some popcorn. I remembered a couple of years ago doing something similar and they had packs waiting for us all on the seats so I resisted. I was the meanest mum in the whole world apparently. Get used it it kiddo! And then of course I was the smartest mum cos I knew it would be waiting for him……… yup! That’s me!! πŸ˜‰

Then when we got home I got on with the usual Sunday afternoon stuff. Mainly involving washing the huge pile of clothes that seems to just build and build. Hoenstly, you’d think I never wash during the week! How the pile gets so large by Sunday is a complete mystery.Β  But I got home to a “beeep. beep. Beeep” from the laundry. Great! Not.

Something from Mr 6 pockets has got stuck in the pump. Again! Our machine is about 12 years old now so is doing pretty well apparently. It gets a visit from the appliance man at least a couple of times a year. Usually cos something has clogged the pump or the buttons at teh top have stopped working. Well, being the weekend and seeing as I still had 2 or 3 loads to go, I didn’t want to just leave a huge wet soaking thing happening. I bucketed out the water, tried to see where the pump was to unblock it myself {having no idea what I’m looking for!}Β  Fiddled with that, flicked this. Have no idea what on earth I was doing. But the machine drained and carried on. Definitely with something in the pump still cos there’s a new noise there! Oh well. Got the washing done though.

Have a feeling I should take hubby up on the “let’s just get a new one” before I run out of luck on this one!


2 thoughts on “No pictures today

  1. oh we saw the shorts for that. Mike is an ex surfer boy and he loved what he saw. I like cartoons but surfing and cartoons and penguins nope. Sounds like a great day and whoo hoo you are such a wise mum lol. Laughing at how you were the meanest mum in the world. Wow, thats special πŸ˜›

    Eww at washing machines lol, yes take hubby up on offer of a new one.

  2. Sounds like a fun outing! I want to see that movie – lucky I have kids to take so I have an excuse, huh? Good on you for resisting the popcorn, you’re obviously ONTO IT and hopefully Mr 6 wasn’t too upset during the time between you saying “no” and him finding it on his seat! πŸ™‚

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