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Feels like spring

Doesn’t this look really spring like? And the sun is shining – and even better: it was quite warm in the sun today too! I so love days like this – give me a warm sunny day and I’m a happy bunny!I did these cards last night at a monthly card making thing I go to. Except I haven’t been in aaaaaages so I wasn’t too sure what I was going to do there last night. I threw a few stamps and supplies in, knowing I had to make a card for my MIL who’s birthday is today. The yellow flower card evolved and it worked so I decided that was hers.

The spring flowers are out of my neighbour’s garden. She has masses of those old fashioned fushias – you know the ones: they actually smell! She is always asking me to pick them as they grow better apparently when picked regularly. Seeing as I love them so much, who am I to decline such a request! I also love renunculas (and I’m sure I’ve spelt that wrong!) and there were some in the garden too. So those made a nice little posy for the boys to take to MIL after school.

Hubby gets to give the gift tonight (yes, the one I organised! 😉 ) . Wish I could see her face but I wanted to make sure that he didn’t go empty handed.

(oh, FYI, MIL is in a home after a massive stroke so the visits to her are more usually one at a time kind of deals).

{Something really p**sy happened while we were there involving the SIL I’m having issues with. Doing my best not to get into a rant here and now while those pretty flowers are looking back at me but believe me, the keyboard is currently feeling under attack!}

The second card you might recognise if you have seen the Stampin Up ideas book. It’s a lift directly off one of those designs! I had to use this cute little beary fellow and the simple nature of this design meant I got to take home 2 cards for the night. Meaning I must have been productive and not sat around catching up on everyone’s news!


4 thoughts on “Feels like spring

  1. Great cards!! Yes, I do recognise the other one from the Stampin’ Up! book (I went to a party a couple of weeks ago … restrained myself and didn’t buy ANYTHING, lol) and I remember thinking it was a cute one. Good job!

  2. love those cards and that little posey is devine, I was imagining smelling the fuschias. Love fuschias. Oh tap the keyboard gently lol and breathe lol…..darn family dramas 🙂

  3. You were certainly a lot more productive than the person sitting beside you.

    Those cards look just as good in the photo as they do in person. With the flowers behind them they could grace the pages of a mag.

    See you Friday.

  4. Tag, you’re it! Check out my blog!!!

    Oh the little bear card is sooooooooo cute, Kelly! Do you stamp it and then color in with pencil? I’ve never known quite how it worked.

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