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Don’t think I have the dreaded lurgy as such. At least not the same yukky one that a lot of people I know have. But I’ve been headachey and tired nonetheless.
So it was with great delight that I heard that the first birthday party had been postponed (mum and one of the girls were sick so that part wasn’t so nice). It meant I’m not rushing around trying to be everywhere. And that’s a good thing cos I just don’t think I could have coped. C’est la vie.

Friday night scrapping: I had told hubby that because of a headache I didn’t think I’d be out late. Huh! He knows me better. After watching the craft robo being deomonstrated, I noticed the clock tick towards midnight and realised I really really needed to head home. So yes, no real pity needed cos clearly I don’t look after myself!

This was the layout I was working on that night. I’ve had the title in my head for ages: “Do it self” was uttered almost as soon as he could talk and that has evolved into more specific declarations: “I can do my buttons up” “I can put my shoes on” etc etc. While big brother has always been independent in the sense he was happy to go off and explore surroundings, Mr 3 has liked to stay closer. And watch. So now he is probably doing reletively more stuff for himself than big brother. That said, there’s a LOT of stuff Mr 6 is doing for himself that he shouldn’t. Like nicking the treats from the top shelf of the pantry – or the girl guide biscuits out of the freezer… What the??! 😯

{The backstory to these photos: I was upstairs doing something and it was getting close to Kindy time so I had called down that I would be getting lunch soon and then we’d be off to kindy. Clearly, I was not fast enough!}


5 thoughts on “Ugh!

  1. Hehehe, look at that big boy!!! Heck, I think I would die if mine took initiative on their own lol. Heck no, I have to do it all. Although when I get back I might teach Kamryn a few things like how to put a piece of bread in the toaster and maybe how to turn on the TV lol. Fabulous layout, Kelly! I love the colors and sooooooooo love the title 😉

  2. Well the time was well spent Kelly because that’s a terrific layout. Hope you get on top of that thing soon and you’re feeling more like your old self.

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