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Twin cards

We have a birthday party to go to on Sunday.

Actually we have LOTS on this weekend: hubby is involved with the regional brass band comps so between the rehersals most of Saturday and the actual comps all day Sunday, me and the Mr’s will have to figure out how to stretch ourselves around the weekend’s various regular and social engagements.

The party on Sunday is for one year old twins. It doesn’t seem right that a whole year has gone by – but apparently mother knows best and is convinced her girls were born a year ago. It should be a fun gig – it’s one of those were all the friends get together and catch up. Over the years “all the friends” has evolved from 8 or so couples to 8 or so families. We now have an uncountable number of children between us aged between newborn to nine. Man! How does that happen??! 😯

So these cards are my offerings for the latest 1 year olds on the block. I had a lot of fun making them this afternoon because a girlfriend has just become a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and her goodies had arrived. I now have access to her goodies as well as mine. Woohooo!!! (Sorry Nikki – you know I had to gloat!) One of us thought that going on todays session that we were rather like the stamping world’s version of Hudson and Hall. I wonder which one of us is the lush on the wine??!
{OMG…. I just realised how that dates us!!! 😆 }

And thanks to another SU girlfriend Keryn, who taught me how to dye my own ribbons the other day. Yes, my fingers get stained – but I discovered that the StampnScrub will clean fingers too.

And tonight I am going out to scrap. Yes, hubby is out and about all weekend and has been busy in the new job, so I’ve gouged some me-time and life is good. I’ve realised over the last few months that I am a social scrapper. I seem to get quite a bit done when I’m at crops. I wonder if it thanks to the vibes that I collect from everyone else.


5 thoughts on “Twin cards

  1. oh Hudson and Halls I am so not saying anymore on that. Have fun being a social butterfly this weekend, and the cards are lovely. Funny how mothers think they know best when thier own childs birthday is :-).

  2. I just love the cards Kelly….I hope that your hubby does well in his comps and that you enjoy the first birthday.

    I hope that you managed to get lots of scrapping done last night.

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