Eve’s 6th Challenge….

….is about the everyday! Perfect timing seeing as I just did the one for NZDares are well! Ok, so yes, I’m a cheaty-weaty but I have an assignment to complete and revision to begin. Eeek… my exams are little more than 6 weeks away 😕

My everyday is starting to get a bit more organised at the moment. Goodness only knows how that happened, but maybe it has something to do with the Spring in the air. {those in Wellington, just pretend it is not grey and drizlly out there and let me be content in my disillusionment -k?}

Mr 6 has been cracking me up with a little ditty one of his classmates taught him. I’m sure it’s not a recent one but I’d never heard it before.

“Here is a little buggy (show hand with a “bug” drawn on his palm)

why don’t you say hi?

do a little somersault (rolling arms around)

(Clap hands) Whoops! Buggy die!!”

Probably not really PC these days but it just goes to show that boys will be boys!


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