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Pure Joy

There is something about the innocence of Santa and Christmas that I just love!

What cracks me up most is that in the top photo Mr 3 is going nowhere near that man in red: he’s reaching out as far as he can without actually stepping any closer – and then when he realises there’s a little something for him the excitement just takes over!

I have been putting off doing these photos for ages. I think it must have been because I’m a traditionalist over some things and I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work using just the more traditional colours. Then when I finally clicked that this wasn’t about christmas per se, and looked a little further, I realised I had the perfect yellow to use. Except I didn’t have enough of it as it had already been chopped into!! Lucky for me I had this cool pumpkin colour and I reckon it works just as well.

So maybe I just need to get shaken out of the traditional a little more often. 😆

PS – hate when my scanner cuts off an edge – oh well…. 🙄


7 thoughts on “Pure Joy

  1. lol at you living on the edge. Thats what I love about scrapping there are no rules and I think the pumpkin allows your layout to stand out……

  2. Great layout – I like that you have used different colours from the usual Christmas hues. The papers go with the photos, so they work well!

    Ethan was the same way with Santa at 3 … he’s better now though.

  3. Love how you’ve moved away from the traditional with this Kelly. I’m usually a bit of a traditionalist myself, but sometimes it’s good to break away. This layout looks great and I love the papers you’ve picked.

  4. Kelly, I soooooooooo know what you mean about the traditional colors of holidays. I am the same. But mine extends further. So I have a hard time scrapping anything other than black/orange for Halloween or pastels for Easter lol. That’s probably why I stay away from scrapping any of the holidays at all lol. You have pulled this off well and you know when I saw it, I didn’t even instantly think ‘wow, those aren’t xmas colors’ lol. So you made it work 😉

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