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It’s a dare from NZ Dares a few weeks back. I was wanting to take part in the dare but was behaving myself for once and putting the study ahead of the playing with glue and paper!

Better late than never!

Initially when I had it finished last night, it was looking a bit stark. And the journalling wasn’t really doing it for me either! So I re-did that bit, coloured up some chipboard and added some flowers. Still simple but a whole lot better.

Happy Father’s day too.

What have your *Dad’s* been up to today? The dad in our house decided to take the Mr’s out for an Expedition on the bikes. Yay!!! I like those kind of bonus free times! πŸ˜†
I made good use of it by nipping out to the gym (hitting my planned target of three times in a week – yay me!), then being home in time to whip up a mummy-cafe meal…. my take on the bacon and banana pancakes! Although there were “eeuws”-a-plenty (the Mr’s can be counted on for such things…….) the lunch was for the most part demolished. Can’t have been that bad then!

And now while all 3 testosterone bodies are napping… I’m going to nip down the street for a quick coffee with the neighbour while the sun still shines. And plan dinner tonight! A pretty good FD all around this year.

{ETA: Journalling reads: “It’s an everyday thing. The decision of WHAT’S FOR DINNER? You know when I’m full of energy because I like to try new things. Often there is a new favourite that will appear regularly for a while. But more often than not, it is something from a range of quick and simples. Largely due to the nightly chorus of “eew yuk” and “I’m not eating that”. I mean – who would bother trying to please THAT crowd?! So on tonight’s menu? Food! Eat up! }


9 thoughts on “Everyday

  1. It looked good last night but now it looks great – those flowers make heaps of difference.

    I was looking out for you at the gym this afternoon – well done on making it again.

  2. looks good to me too Kelly. I too have that cookbook. Sounds like a relaxing day on your household. Go you on going to the gym.

  3. Hey Kelly this is awesome. I can’t really read the journalling but I get the ‘What’s for Dinner’ bit. An everyday chore alright, somedays you are just over it, :))

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